8 Irresistible Nail Tutorials You MUST Try This Spring

It may technically still be winter, but spring will be here in just a couple of weeks! Say goodbye to dark nail art and hello to springy pastels and flower designs. Not sure how you should switch up your nails? No matter what kind of gal you are, we've got a springtime tutorial you're going to love.

1. For the Classic Beauty

This pastel spin on the classic french tip is super simple and totally spring chic.

2. For the Glitter Goddess

If glitter is your best friend, you won't be able to resist this sparkling nail design.

3. For the Abstract Artist

Creating splatter nails can be a messy process, but it's totally worth it to show off your artistic flair

4. For the Perfectionist

This geometric nail art is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it's perfect for any perfectionist.

5. For the Pink Princess

Don't let this fabulous nail design fool you- it's pretty easy to create, and is a must for any girl who loves pink.

6. For the Girly Girl

Show off your floral obsession with this nail design. These fab flowers are actually a breeze to paint

7. For the Spring Queen

Can't get enough of spring? This nail art lets you show off your love for the season with flowers, pastels AND polka dots.

8. For the Fruit Fanatic


Strawberries are a great spring treat and they look just as delicious on your nails!

Which nail design do you plan to try first?