The 8 Types of Students You'll Deal With in Every Class

Whether you're in middle school, high school or even college, your peers can really make or break your experience as a student.

With that said, though, you don't always (in fact, almost never) get to choose who you share each class with. You'll see plenty of different characters throughout your academic years, from the ones you love to the ones you'll be glad to never see again after you step across that graduation stage. In this unique time of life when you're surrounded by more people your age than you likely ever will be again, you'll probably stumble across a few of the same kinds of students over and over again, no matter which stage of learning you're at. Prepare to nod your head in agreement when you read out the list of the eight types of students you'll deal with in every class.

1. The Know-It-All

Starting off strong, we have the Hermione Grangers of the world: The Know-It-Alls. These students waste no opportunity to flex their knowledge, and while you can't help but admit that they are super smart, it also feels super good when they get an answer —that they answered ever so confidently—wrong.


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2. The One Who Thinks They're the Main Character

This student is the kind of person who just gets under your skin, even if you can't pinpoint why. Thankfully, we can: They're probably a total pick-me. Guy or girl, this person wants to show how they're "not like the others." They probably use the word "quirky" to describe themselves, and they likely wear boots instead of sneakers every day or spend the whole class doodling (but only in the hopes that you'll take note of their artistic abilities, of course). They'll also take every opportunity to tell a story about themselves in class, and it probably has to do with their international travels or anything else that might make them seem adventurous and interesting (while actually just making them annoying to everyone around them).


3. The Actual Main Character

They're quiet. They're calm. They're ridiculously good-looking while seeming like they put in no effort at all in the morning to get ready. They probably read or chat quietly during breaks, and they definitely have some interesting hobbies outside of school that they don't always talk about (but when they do, everyone listens). This person is going places in life, even if they don't show it off like the faux main character, mentioned before.


4. The Teacher's Pet

Similar to the Know-It-All, the Teacher's Pet is also a student who will surely crop up in your classes. The difference, however, is that this person might be less competitive and just more attentive, mainly to the needs of the teacher. They'll ask questions about the teacher's life, bring him or her gifts for each holiday and (their worst trait) always remind the teacher that they haven't collected the homework yet.


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5. The One Who Always Does Their Homework at the Start of Class

Speaking of homework, you'll always find at least one student in each class with their head down in their notebook rigorously writing down what they should've written last night—their homework, that is. A true expert procrastinator, this person still manages to do decently in their classes despite their poor time management skills.


6. The One That Makes You Wonder How They're Still in School

This person has never answered a question or turned in homework, but somehow, they haven't failed yet. We don't know how they're still here either, honestly.


7. The Class Clown

Another classic trope that presents itself in the real-life classroom is The Class Clown. This person makes comedy their entire personality, spending the majority of their time in class trying to distract the teacher and make a joke out of just about anything that happens. The teacher may despise them most of the time, but you and your peers have a fond place in your heart for their ability to derail a class from the actual material you didn't want to be learning anyway.


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8. The Younger Sibling

"OMG, you're ___'s sister/brother?" is one sentence this person hears all the time, and yes, they're sick of it. Whether their older sibling is well-known for being a student-athlete, for being last year's homecoming king/queen, for getting into an ivy league university or for any other reason, be sure to let them shine on their own, too.


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