Which Of These '90s Style Trends Are You Willing To Try?

While the majority of '90s fashion remains a total mystery to those of us who came in the years after, some of the fashion fundamentals of the decade have returned full force, and they're actually pretty cute. Some looks from the era weren't totally hideous, and these stars make them look good.

Jelly shoes have technically been around since the '80s, but these translucent and colorful sandals made their mark in the 1990s before virtually disappearing and suddenly repairing again recently. Little Mix's Perrie Edwards rocks the jelly and sock combo like no other.

Once we stopped seeing our fav '90s characters, like Topanga, sporting scrunchies, they became a bit of a fashion faux pas. Today, stars like Rita Ora and Selena Gomez are bringing them back in a big way.

The sweater around the waist look was about fashion as well as functionality, as demonstrated her by TLC. Now Jesy Nelson is all about the look… unless she just got warm and didn't want to hold on to her flannel.

Speaking of flannel, the '90s was all about the fabric, particularly in plaid. While the look started off as a grunge staple, today it's a bit more fashion forward. Even Taylor Swift is a fan!

In the '90s, ripped jeans were kind of a guy thing, but over time the style has evolved from looking shabby to the fun, edgy styles worn by stars including Selena Gomez.

The choker necklace has gone through a few changes since the '90s. While the stretch-over-your-head variety, like this one worn by Melissa Joan Hart, have made a recent comeback, more sophisticated choker styles like Demi Lovato's have been back for a while.

Fashion is a cycle, and overalls are proof, constantly coming in and out of vogue. While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore these pairs of overalls more than 2 decades ago, overalls are WAY in right now. We love Fifth Harmony singer Lauren Jauregui's overall style (but especially her overalls).

Doc Martens have never truly disappeared from the closets of daring fashionistas. We loved Liv Tyler's in Empire Records and still love the style all this time later on Cara Delevingne. 

Crop tops are one of today's biggest trends that have actually been around for decades. Melissa Joan Hart and Britney Spears were wearing them when Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence were still in grade school, though we don't doubt that Kim K didn't rock the look back then, too.

Which of these '90s trends do you wear all the time, and which do you hate? Tell us everything in the comments!