A Lucky Sweety Follows Her Heart And Wins Big

If Justin Bieber has taught his fans one thing it's to never say never, and with the release of his 3D biopic (titled just that) right around the corner, we decided to throw a celebratory contest in its' honor.

To win the ultimate "Never Say Never" movie prize pack, our users had to tell us which personal mottos they live by. Our contest winner, Kandy Kayley, chose "Follow your heart." Although this is a simple answer we can appreciate its' depth, and we could only hope that every Belieber and Non-Belieber alike will do the same.

Thanks again to all the awesome sites who helped spread the word about the contest: Celeb Magnet, JB Source, Kidz World, J-Bieber, JBieberSource, and Dreamer Ent.