A Sort Of Homecoming: First Movie Sneak Peek!

Disney fans who have been waiting for news from Laura Marano and Kat McNamara's upcoming film A Sort Of Homecoming need wait no longer! A new trailer reveals never-before-seen footage of the film!A Sort Of Homecoming Trailer

This first sneak peek features Laura Marano as Amy Harrington, a teenager on a high school debate team in a small town in south Louisiana.

Amy is debate partners with Nick, played by Parker Mack, who seems destined to be the nation's next great debater. But Amy feels like her lack of experience and ability is holding Nick back.

The duo attend the Debate Summer Institute, a summer camp designed to cultivate the talents of high school debaters. There, with the help of Rose, played by Kat McNamara, Amy must realize her full potential and see where her priorities really lie.

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