A Sort Of Homecoming Clip With Laura Marano!

A new clip reveals more of Laura Marano's role in the upcoming film, A Sort Of Homecoming!a sort of homecoming laura marano

Laura Marano stars as Amy Harridan, a brilliant but uncertain high schooler who lives in a small town in Louisiana. She's also a member of the school's high school debate team, which has a shot at the national championship.

As Amy rises through the quarter and semi-finals with the help of her charming and confident debate partner Nick (Parker Mack), she fights to pursue her own dreams and break out of the small town that she feels has always weighed her down.

But throughout the debate championship, and even long after it's completed, Amy must deal with the consequences of her actions and the thirst for something more.

In the new clip, Amy explains all of the steps of a policy debate, including arguing for and against a resolution!

The new video also features Parker Mack and Kat McNamara!

Check out the new clip below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Also check out the official website for A Sort Of Homecoming and join our Laura Marano fan club at Sweety High!