A Sweet Beat Gets An Exclusive Interview With Avery

A Sweet Beat has had a music crush on Avery for quite some time now, and we were finally lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with the "Love Me or Let Me Go" singer. We found out everything from who inspires her musically to where she gets her fashion inspiration from. Check out what U.M.G.'s new artist had to say right here only on A Sweet Beat.

Being a musician is a full-time job. Are you staying in school? If so, what's it like being in high school and pursuing your music at the same time?

"Juggling music and school isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wake up early everyday to do school for a few hours online, and then I go to the studio. It gets stressful at times but online school is pretty easy!"

What artists inspire your music?

"My musical inspirations definitely have to be Green Day, Katy Perry, Pink, Paramore, The Maine, and Nicki Minaj."

Speaking of inspirations, Your original songs "Love Me or Let Me Go" and "Sick of Hating your Guts" seem to have a similar, so-over-that-guy theme. Are they written about someone in particular?

"There were inspired by past relationships I've had! It's a lot easier to write lyrics from actual experiences."

So we know your single's out on iTunes; when can we expect a full album?

"I've been working in the studio a lot lately and it has all just been really exciting. Expecting a full album within the next few months!"

Ok, so moving on from music for a sec.- You're originally from Phoenix. Did we hear correctly that you just moved to LA?  How's that transition been?

"Living in LA is totally different! I don't really have too many friends here. It's just the studio and working everyday but I wouldn't give this up for anything. I do miss hanging out with all of my friends in Arizona but there is never a boring day in LA. I'm just so blessed to be experiencing all of this"

Since you've been signed, how have your friends and family responded to your fame?

"I still have a long journey ahead but so far everyone has been real supportive. I'm extremely grateful."

So tell us about your family: do you have siblings? Pets?

"I have a younger brother who is 13, and he lives with my dad in Arizona. It was tough having to leave them to come out to LA but they are extremely supportive. I'm with my mom in LA, and having her with me every step of the way is great. I also have a dog named Macy, she's a boxer."

Now for the question of the hour: You definitely have your own sense of style: Party dresses & chucks, soccer socks and jean shorts. Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?

"I don't really turn to anyone for fashion inspiration. I just kind of look for a bunch of little accessories and see how they would look in my head before I buy them."

And now for a question for the girls on Sweety High: SweetyHigh.com is a site for tween girls to express their creativity, and we have a lot of singer-songwriters on the site. What advice do you have for them?

"I would say the most important thing is to get yourself out there. If you have the talent to write music and sing, with enough patience and dedication, someone will find you!"

Watch Avery's Music video for her debut single "Love Me or Let Me Go":

To find out more about Avery visit her Youtube Channel.