A Victoria Justice Birthday Interview!

A very happy birthday to the beautiful and talented Victoria Justice, who turns 20 today!

Sweety High interviewed her recently on the set of Victorious as it was filming its final season, and got to ask her a few questions about herself!

Victoria is probably known best for her work on Nickelodeon in shows including True Jackson, iCarly, and of course, Victorious. On the set of Victorious, however, Victoria was known for her outgoing and talkative nature!

Victoria was the go-to gal "For good conversation," she said. "You know, I love talking to people."

Her nickname on the set, however, had more to do with one of her favorite beverages. She earned the title "Coco Tigress," due to her fondness for coconut water!

In our interview, Victoria also proved she's the type of girl who takes initiative. If she was locked inside a mall, Victoria says she, "would try all the doors." Doesn't sound like she'd like to be trapped there all night!

"Logically the first thing you would do is to try to get out," she explained, before asking "Is the food court open?" Sounds like Victoria has her priorities in check!

Happy birthday, girl! We hope to interview you again soon!