AB6IX Shares Their Favorite Experiences With ABNEW From Their AB_NEW AREA Fanmeet Tour

Earlier this summer, K-pop superstars AB6IX went on their highly anticipated AB_NEW AREA Tour, an international fanmeet tour hitting South Korea, Japan and the United States.

If you were lucky enough to be in the audience at one of the shows, you already know the group put on the performances of a lifetime! We got the chance to catch up with the group to learn all about the exciting tour, the song they loved performing most for ABNEW and the kinds of energy they loved seeing from the audience. Keep scrolling to read the full interview.

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Sweety High: What does the tour name AB_NEW AREA mean to you?

DAEHWI: It represents AB6IX meeting our fans worldwide face-to-face and creating our own unique new "area" with them

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SH: What was it like to get to take this tour around the world, from South Korea to Japan and finally to the U.S.? How was this tour different from past performances?

DONGHYUN: We made sure that we tried to show our international ABNEW fans the songs, the performances and the sides of us that they have probably never seen or experienced before. This time, we were able to showcase our songs not only in Korean but in English and Japanese as well. That was special.

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SH: Were there any songs that were the most fun to perform on stage for the fans on this tour?

DAEHWI: "CHERRY"! The song was made to be full of interactions (especially the "yeah, yeah, yeah" part) with fans and crowds, but unfortunately, it came out during the pandemic. It was so great to finally hear the crowds engaging and singing along to it.


SH: What kind of energy did you feel from the audience?

WOOJIN: Incredible! It was so much fun. People were singing along loud, dancing along, and even making handmade slogan banners for us. It was so fun and great.

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SH: Fanmeets were also an important element of this tour! Do you have any favorite memories with the fans?

WOONG: There were some fans that cosplayed our stage outfits, which was awesome to see. Some fans brought handmade slogan banners with funny pictures of us. Those kinds of moments made me think, "Of course… The fans just like the artists."

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

WOONG: We are glad that we are now wrapped up with the U.S. tour. It was fun and a great honor. Hopefully next time, we'll be able to perform in an ever bigger and better environment. We always thank our international fans for supporting, and please continue to wait for us!

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