Power Bead Bracelets Are the Accessory That Brings Good Vibes

Power bead bracelets are an extremely affordable accessory that have the added bonus of bringing the wearer good vibes.

Because the beads are made from gemstones, the properties thought to reside in each stone help to bring about everything from psychic ability to healing powers.

Take a look at some popular power beads to gauge which energy you need to bring into your life:

Agate Power Beads

Agate is also known as the "Earth Rainbow" as the striped quartz can be found in almost every naturally occurring color. Its properties are known to be stabilizing and can help bring balance and harmonious energy. You may also want to slip this accessory on while traveling, as it serves as a protection amulet.

Agate power bead bracelet

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Black Onyx Power Beads

Black onyx is the stone you need if you're under stress. It helps to absorb negative energy while promoting strength. On top of having a completely edgy and chic appearance, this gemstone is said to have the power hold onto memories in order to heal past wounds. Black may not be the warmest color, but the onyx will definitely help you find happiness.

Black onyx power bead bracelet

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Howlite Power Beads

Howlite beads will help to bring about calmness in the wearer. This may be the perfect bead bracelet if you've gone through a recent breakup and are in need of severing ties to a painful past. By helping to calm a variety of negative energies such as selfishness, judgment, stress and anger, howlite encourages the wearer to feel more content and confident.

Blue howlite power bead bracelet

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Green Aventurine Power Beads

It's no coincidence that this crystal comes in the color of money, as green aventurine is thought to manifest wealth and prosperity. Also known as the "Stone of Opportunity," you'll want to wear this bracelet when you could really benefit from a boost of luck—I'm looking at you, first date. But luck doesn't have everything to do with it. This crystal also contains properties to help end bad habits in order for the wearer to grow. I guess it's true what they about making your own luck!

Green aventurine power bead bracelet

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Jasper Power Beads

Jasper is known as the "Nurturing Stone" and helps to bring about peace and relaxation. The soft gentle colors mimic the stone's comforting properties, but this gem is no push over—it is also very powerful when it comes to protection. While these comforting qualities provide a sense of safety, we're also fond of the stone for being said to bring about both inner and outer beauty.

Jasper power bead bracelets

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Lapis Lazuli Power Beads

If you've ever heard the statement that blue is the most honest color, this gem is no exception. Lapis lazuli is a bright blue stone that symbolizes royalty as well as truth and wisdom. This gem enhances both psychic and intuitive energies and is considered to be strong in spiritual connection. Because of its ability to strengthen communication, it is regarded as the stone of openness and clarity. Wear this bracelet when leading up to finals as it will bring about wisdom and intellectual stimulation.

Lapis lazuli power bead bracelet

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Cat's Eye Power Beads

Cat's Eye, or Chrysoberyl, is another stone that aids in luck and fortune. Wear this gem when your spirits are low because it brings about feelings of happiness, generosity and optimism. It will help you dispel any negative energies and protect the wearer against evil spirits.

Brown/yellow power bead bracelet

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Rose Quartz Power Beads

Rose quartz is the optimal crystal for love—whether it's love of family, love of friends, love of self, or that person you've been crushing on, this stone will help open the heart. The high energy of this crystal will encourage empathy and forgiveness in order to ward against negative emotions such as anger and jealousy. If your love has been feeling a little conditional lately, grab yourself a rose quartz power bracelet to let go of all the bad vibes you've been holding onto.

Rose quartz power bead bracelet

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If some of these gems look a little familiar, it might be that they have a similar look to your birthstone. Find out what properties your birthstone contains HERE to get a little backstory on your birthday-related jewelry.