The 5 Accessories That Can Easily Upgrade Any Outfit

Have you ever imagined how an outfit would look on you in your head, then you try it on for real and it just, well, isn't how you pictured it?

Yeah, we've been there, too. No matter what your wardrobe woes may be, though, accessories can make all the difference. Explore these ideas for accessories that can easily take any outfit to the next level:

1. Belts

Belts have been a widely underrated fashion accessory in recent years, but their ability to transform an outfit simply can't be ignored. From skinny belts to chain belts and everything in between, there's a belt for every situation and every outfit you can dream up. If you're new to exploring the world of adding belts into your outfits, start by finding a simple black one that fits around the smallest part of your waist and begin incorporating it with different dresses and other items—trust us when we say you won't regret it.

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2. Gold Necklaces

There's a time and place for silver, sure, but something has to be said about gold's ability to turn an outfit into a whole look. Layering short, delicate gold necklaces that sit at the top of the collarbone (think choker-length) with super long necklaces is a favorite of ours, especially when you're wearing an outfit that's on the simpler side.


3. Boots

While the dad shoe may be having a moment right now, boots and booties are a classic for a reason. A traditional Chelsea boot adds a touch of edge to any outfit and is the perfect pairing whether you're wearing jeans or a sundress, plus it has the same effect whether you choose a heeled or flat version. This is also a much more comfortable option over regular heels, creating a total win-win situation.

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4. Earrings

Similar to how adding a gold necklace (or two or three) can add a ton of visual interest, so can throwing on a cute pair of earrings. If you have multiple piercings, try mixing up lengths by wearing longer, dangly earrings in the higher piercings rather than the main lower lobe. There are also plenty of ear cuff options out there nowadays, so even if you lack the necessary hardware, you can still rock a look that adds a special something to your whole outfit.


5. Layers

From leather and denim jackets and the classic cozy cardigan, layers can level up any outfit into a true look. Along with the fact that these items can be swapped throughout the seasons, jackets and other layers can add a bit of personality to an outfit that may otherwise be lacking. Whether you want to go for a bit of edge with a leather jacket or add a sweet, Taylor Swift-style touch with a knit cardigan, layers really are are a girls best friend.

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