Here's What Your Accessory Game Says About Your Personality

Who knew that a large tote bag, a watch or a statement earring could give such insight into your personality?

Believe it or not, your accessory game says a lot about your personal style, and style is a direct reflection of your personality.

So, we decided to decode classic accessories to reveal what your fashion choices in the morning say about your personality. Hey, it might even be more accurate than your horoscope!

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Statement Earrings and Necklaces

If no outfit is complete without long, shoulder-grazing earrings or a bejeweled collar necklace, then you aren't afraid to be bold, take risks, and stand out in a crowd. Whether you're super girlie or offbeat and quirky, one thing's for sure: You're fashionably fearless. And that same sentiment holds true with your personality. You're a natural born leader and like to take chances that usually pay off!


Retro Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are undeniably cool, but they also tell the world that you're a retro-loving gal with an old soul. Chances are, you tend to take fashion cues from decades past and enjoy learning about (and channeling) things from generations before. You've got a sophisticated, ladylike glamour about your presence—a true betty!

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A Watch

For the girls who like to accessorize with merely a watch, you're practical, professional, and (hopefully) always on time! You're a no-nonsense kinda gal who likes to get things done and tends to be the planner in your girl group.


Bold Cocktail Ring

You fancy, boo! If you tend to reach for a bold cocktail ring, you like to enjoy the finer things in life. Whether it's treating yourself to a nice meal, surprising your sweetie with new leather loafers, or shelling out mega cash for your parents' anniversary, you like to treat yourself, and your loved ones, like royalty.


Dainty Jewelry

While the dainty jewelry trend has been an Insta-phase for awhile, if you've always been drawn to delicate gold stacked pieces (think thin band rings, gold necklaces and bracelets) you're personality is effortlessly laidback, but still polished. We like to describe this as boho luxe—you've got a bohemian side to your personality, but you also like the finer things in life and prefer to inject a little glamour.

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An Oversized Tote Bag

If your go-to bag is an oversized tote or boho-style purse, you always like to be prepared. Ready for everything, your seemingly endless carry-all has the answer to just about any ailment. You don't like to be caught off guard and prefer to be ready for whatever obstacles life throws your way.

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Reading Glasses

If you recreationally wear reading glasses (translation: You don't actually need them, but wear them for style) you want to be taken seriously. You enjoy learning, you always push yourself with your school work and you'd rather analyze Fitzgerald than hang out at the mall.


All The Things

Statement earrings, layers of eye-catching necklaces, baubles on every finger… we smell a maximalist! You love pulling out all the stops and aren't afraid to stand out in every way. Sure, people might think you're a little kooky, but you don't care. You love expressing yourself in every avenue of life, and jewelry is no exception. Coco Chanel may have said to take one thing off, but your mantra is add five more on.


Stacked Bracelets

Ah, the stacked bracelet look. This is an accessory style that has a ton of different interpretations. You can go edgy, dainty, eclectic—but one thing's for sure, you're all about the chase. Creating the perfect arm party has a lot of life parallels. You're always on the lookout and don't mind doing a little digging for that diamond-in-the-rough, and you like to collect (things, memories, friends… you name it!) You have a sentimental side to you, too, and have a hard time saying goodbye.


The Mini Bag

It's no secret that the mini bag trend is tres chic RN, but you have to be tidy to pull this trend off. A mini bag means you've got to strip your stuff down to the bare bones—wallet, keys, phone… maybe a balm if you're lucky? You're clean and organized, fashion forward and like to have things in a certain order. Some might think you're a bit controlling or bossy, but you know what you like and that's a fact.


No Jewelry

Okay, so what does it mean if you don't wear any jewelry? This one's easy—you're a no fuss minimalist who doesn't want to waste your time making accessory decisions. You opt for the Steve Jobs mentality, and prefer to have a simple life routine to forage space for major school and work decisions.

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