How to Achieve an All-Natural Glow in Time for Homecoming

Dress? Check. Date? Check. Limo? Check.

Once you've got all the tough stuff out of the way, the rest of homecoming prep should be a cinch—and that includes prepping your skin for the big night.

Sure, you can have someone do your makeup, but when it comes to the quality of your skin, it's really under your control. While there's highlighter and other products that will enhance your shine, wouldn't you much rather glow from within? Keep reading for how to achieve an actual all-natural glow in time for homecoming (so when the makeup comes off, the shine stays!).

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1. Eat Clean

It's true what they say: The food you put in your body is comparable to the fuel people put in their car. If it's crappy, it's not going to provide good results. Eating clean (avoiding sugar, processed foods, dairy, soy, pasta, anything fried, and anything with ingredients you can't pronounce) will help you see an almost immediate difference in the quality of your skin. Incorporating greens and other all-natural foods into your meals will give your body the nutrients it needs to show that inner-glow.


2. Chug Water

You've heard this a lot, but it's true—water is nature's cure for dry, dull skin. Take a water bottle with you everywhere, and continue to fill it up throughout the day. While your frequent trips to the bathroom will be a minor nuisance, it's also a sign you're flushing out toxins. You really can't overdo it when it comes to H20, so just keep chugging and watch your skin hydrate from within.

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3. Sweat

Much like water, sweating helps release those toxins from your body. Whether due to what we've consumed, or what's floating in the air, our bodies are susceptible to minor toxins, which affect our skin and overall health. Whether you go hard in the gym or simply pop into the sauna for a short period of time, giving yourself a good sweat sesh for a few consecutive days will help those pesky poisons seep through your skin, therefore resulting in a healthier, glowier-looking you.


4. Apply Masks and Serums

Masks and serums work their best when applied to skin that's being taken care of in other ways. While these products can indeed be magical, they don't work by themselves. You've got to put in some of the effort (i.e. following the instructions above) and then let them do their thing. Applying products with vitamin C (for brightening dull or discolored skin) and hyaluronic acid (for intense hydration) will give your skin the fresh, upgraded look it craves. Without question, apply a hydrating sheet mask on the day of the dance as the last skincare step before applying your makeup.


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5. Sleep

For a week leading up to the dance, resist the urge to stay up all night scrolling through Insta, and, instead, use the time to catch some extra Zzzs. Sleep doesn't just affect your energy levels, it affects everything! Force yourself to get those eight hours everyone advises, and thank us later. Not only will you feel great internally, the extra rest will surely show in your skin.


If you want to up your skincare game just in time for homecoming, THIS four-piece set is a great place to start!