6 Easy Lifestyle Changes That Can Help With Acne

We all know keeping acne at bay is a lot of work.

It's important to combat breakouts with an arsenal of targeted skincare products, but it's equally important to avoid some habits that can aggravate and worsen the condition. Below, we've rounded up six easy lifestyle changes that can help with acne.

Cut Out Dairy

We love cheese and milk and ice cream—but we like clear skin more. Dairy is known to stir up inflammation in the body, and can cause breakouts around the chin and jawline. If you're a cheese-lover, try to limit your intake and only treat yourself once in awhile.

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Stress is a big cause of acne because it controls the amount of oil in your skin. The more stress you experience, the higher your cortisol level, which causes acne flareups. Routine meditation can help you manage stress better, and can in turn help you regulate those hormone levels. 


Exercise Regularly

Working out is a proven way to detoxify the body and get your blood moving, which results in healthier, glowing skin. Exercise helps reduce stress and increases blood flow, which helps oxygenate your skin cells.

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Clean Your Phone

You place your phone on the countertop, on the floor, on top of the fridge—so why would you want to place that on your face? Clean your phone often and opt for ear headphones so you don't have to touch your screen to your cheek.

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Drink Lots of H20

Increasing your water intake is really a cure-all for a myriad of issues, ranging from headaches to low energy, and yep, acne. Like exercising, drinking lots of water helps flush out the body, removes toxins and hydrates your face from the inside out.

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Change Your Pillow Case Twice a Week

A big cause of acne is bacteria, and even though you might be diligent about washing your face every morning and night, lots of bacteria can hang out on your pillow. Definitely rotate your pillow each night and try changing out your case at least twice a week.

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Eat More Healthy Fats

Instead of reaching for nacho cheese Doritos, reach for healthy fats like nuts and fish, which are high in omega fatty acids, which help eliminate waste and revive tired skin cells.


Need more acne-fighting tips? THESE skincare products will also help keep those blemishes at bay.