7 Acne Myths That Just Aren't True

Whether you suffer from cystic acne, blackheads or hormonal breakouts, chances are you've dealt with some type of acne over the years.

Trust us, we've been there, and we know how uncomfortable, icky  and downright embarrassing pimples can be.

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But we want to clear the air, because while acne itself deserves a bad rep, there are tons of myths surrounding what causes acne, how to clear it up and what foods to avoid.

We're putting those myths to bed by listing the biggest misconceptions when it comes to that nasty four-letter word.

1. You Can Never Wash Your Face Too Much

While going to sleep with a clean face is uber important, there is such a thing as washing your face too much. Try and stick to a twice-a-day washing routine, morning and night, so that you don't irritate your skin and strip your face of is natural oils. This actually signals your skin to produce more oil, so you will start getting oily faster.

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2. Use Toothpaste to Dry Up a Pimple

Don't! Even though toothpaste is a drying agent and will decrease the size of your pimple, toothpaste is made to combat bacteria and plaque inside your mouth, not the delicate skin on your face. Instead, look for products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to clear up your pimple safely.


3. The Sun Clears Up Zits

Not only is this one untrue, it's also really unsafe! There is no truth or science behind the idea that laying out in the sun clears your skin. In fact, it does the opposite, because sun exposure decreases the immune system in the skin. And let's not even get into the cancer talk because you should already know that you should limit your sun exposure to as little as possible to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles!


4. Greasy Foods and Chocolate Cause Acne

This is an interesting one. First, diet does have an impact on acne; however, greasy foods are not exactly the problem. Studies have shown that dairy products and foods with a higher glycemic index are in fact the culprits—think milk, butter, white bread, pasta and cookies. So if you're suffering from acne and think food might be the reason, try sticking to a diet rich in foods that come directly from the ground, like veggies, fruits and nuts!

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5. Blackheads Are Dirt Stuck in Your Pores

Sure, blackheads are not-so-cute and look like nasty dirt and pollution stuck in your pores. But, that's just not true. Your pores become clogged due to an excess build up of sebum and skin cells in your follicles, which lead to either a black or whitehead. Blackheads are open, and the dark black-brown color is actually the oxidation of the clogged materials. Whiteheads are the same thing, but they are closed, preventing oxygen from reacting to what's inside.

Our tip? Exfoliate two to three times a week and try a pore-purifying face mask!


6. It's Okay to Pop Pimples If You Do It Safely

This one is tough to follow, even for us. But, if you aren't a licensed dermatologist or esthetician, chances are you don't know how to extract your pores correctly. When in doubt, leave the popping to the pros.


7. Oil Makes Your Skin Break Out

Long gone are the days of swearing off oil. In fact, facial oil is an extremely effective way to deliver nutrients, moisture, and yes, acne-fighting ingredients to the skin. Facial oils help signify the skin to produce less oil. The only thing you need to make sure is that you're using an oil that is non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog pores. 

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