15 Relatable Struggles for Anyone Who's Experienced Acne

Acne must be some kind of cosmic prank. As if being a teenager isn't hard enough, why don't you just throw some impenetrable zits onto our face and tell us to have a "good day."

If you've struggled with acne, then you know it truly is a daily struggle. And what's worse is that stressing over your skin only causes it to break out even more!

The one silver lining is that you're not alone. Scroll below to relate to all of the struggles that come along with teenage acne:

1. The zits that pop up around your lips and in the crevice of your nose are so unfairly painful.

Girl looking at acne in compact

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2. The urge to pop them outweighs your knowledge of how bad that is for your skin and you end up doing more damage to your face.

3. The endless cycle of wanting to cover up your acne with makeup, which then makes the breakouts worse, so you have to use more makeup to cover it up… and so on and so on.

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4. When you look at pictures, all you can see is your acne. Your friends swear it isn't noticeable, but you know very well that it's all anyone can see. Or, well, at least it's all you can see, and that's all that matters.

5. When your crush or S.O. is staring dreamily into your eyes, you wonder if they really are looking deep into your soul or if they're actually staring at your breakout. In fact, you don't really ever want them to get too close to your face just in case. Romance. Killer.

6. You plot all kinds of unspeakable acts against the people who whine relentlessly about their single zit that popped up on their otherwise soft and smooth complexion. I mean, do they know who they're complaining to?

7. You've tried every product and skincare fad in the book, including, but not limited to, smearing mashed foods on your face, spot treatments with minty toothpaste, laying brewed tea bags on your skin and ripping every baby hair from your face with a peel-off mask.

8. You know very well that trips to the dermatologist for a facial are not the relaxing spa retreat they advertise with masks and cucumbers. This. Is. Pain.

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9. The thought of touching your face with the inside of your hands makes you cringe.

10. You daydream all day long about the baby soft skin you wish you had. And sometimes those daydreams include weird fantasies like lasering off your face and replacing it with someone else's. Unless you've never thought that, in which case, yeah, same, neither have we.

11. Depending on what channel you're watching, you have to sit through the same exact Proactiv ad every single commercial break. You simultaneously wonder if that before-and-after shot could be you, while also being completely jealous of the teens on screen.

12. The actual worst hex that comes to mind when your enemy angers you is a face full of acne like yours.

13. Your mom is way too involved in your skincare life and constantly asks you questions like whether you're sure you washed your face last night. It's possible she's even taken care of your pimples by popping them with needles. Mom, you're ruining my life!

14. Face wash commercials are an actual joke. When you watch a cute girl with perfect skin splash water on her face with reckless abandon all while her hair is down and curling in perfect beach waves, you want to throw your phone at the screen. No one in the history of the world has ever washed their face like that.

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15. You've struggled with the decision to participate in fun water activities with friends like playing in the pool or body surfing at the beach. On one hand, you don't want to miss out on these memories, but on the other hand, you really don't want your makeup to wash off and reveal your bare acne. Too often you decide to hang back and give yourself a mad case of FOMO.


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