These Tools and Accessories Will ACTUALLY Get Rid of Acne

You know those days (or weeks) where your acne just seems out of control?

We've all been there, and quite frankly, it sucks. Thankfully, there are some remedies out there, and we've found the best ones. Instead of sticking to things like creams and serums, why not change it up this time around? Keep scrolling for tools and accessories that will actually get rid of acne:

Truly Beauty Blemish Treatment Acne Patches: $10

By this point, we're sure you've heard of acne patches. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on them, we found cheaper ones that work just as well. Truly Beauty's heart patches are not only cute enough to wear around the house as a fun accessory, but they'll heal your zits, too! Made with hydrocolloid, these patches drain and dry out active zits, leaving you with crystal clear skin.


(via Truly Beauty)


Eight Saints Micro Needle Dermaroller: $28

Don't let the name of this Eight Saints device fool you. While it does mention needles, they aren't big enough to be too scary. Featuring .33mm microneedles, this device will help with collagen production and allow your skin to absorb products in a more efficient manner. It's perfect for those who have pesky acne scars or noticeable pores. Definitely try this out if you're up for a challenge!


(via Eight Saints)


Conture Aerocleanse Facial Cleansing Device: $99

Unfortunately, if you wear makeup, you're inviting acne to make an appearance. We know, it's no fun, but that's what we signed up for! In order to keep acne at bay, it's important to make sure your face is spotless as can be. We recommend using this facial cleansing device from Conture, as it gets into the grooves and dips in your face a simple makeup wipe can't reach.


(via Conture)


Take My Face Off Makeup Mitty: $14

If a full-on device seems like too much work, this makeup mitt from Take My Face Off has your name written all over it. Featuring long-lasting Korean polyester, this gentle and effective mitt is able to get rid of all traces of makeup, dirt and grime. It's even good enough to use on your eye makeup and won't tug at your lashes.

makeup removing pad

(via Take My Face Off)


Glō by reVive Light Therapy Portable Acne Device: $68

This light therapy device by reVive may look futuristic, but it's actually super easy to use. Using medical-grade light therapy, this acne device will fight off inflammation, uneven skin tone and even the negative effects of sun damage. Plus, its small size enables you to throw in your bag so you can use it on the go.

acne light device

(via reVive Light Therapy)


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