How to Act Around a Summer Fling Once School Is in Session

Being around your summer fling once school starts again is tricky business.

Do you pretend like the brief romance didn't happen? Or do you take an entirely different approach and see if its worth replicating whatever it is you two had over the break?

Since everything tends to get a bit messier when feelings are involved (yes, even for a fling), we've put together a list of tips for how to act around your summer love interest once vacation is over and school is back in session. Scroll down to check 'em out!

Play It Cool

The safest thing to do once you and your summer fling are back at school is to play it cool. It's a neutral stance that doesn't snub your fling, nor does it lead them to think you necessarily want to continue your relationship or take it any further. Not only is playing it cool easy, but it also buys you time to gauge how interested your fling may or may not be in continuing whatever you two had going on during the summer. If there's interest, you can proceed accordingly, and if not, no one's feelings will be hurt. It's a win-win situation.


Let Your Fling Know How You Feel

If you're feeling bold, go ahead and let your fling know how you feel. If the fling was just a fling, then make sure they're well aware you're not interested in anything deeper or more serious. In contrast, if you're maybe looking to move beyond the fling stage and into a more proper relationship, then go ahead and make that known, too. Then the ball is really in their court.

Word to the wise: If you're planning on telling your fling you don't want your relationship to continue into the school year, do so gently. No matter how unflappable the person may seem, you don't know if they caught feelings.

Tom and Summer in 500 Days of Summer
(500 Days of Summer via Fox Searchlight)


Don't Live in the Past

Regardless of where you and your fling stand once school is back in session, it's important that you don't dwell on the past and on what you had. An emphasis on inside jokes or on that period of your life in general may make them feel awkward and uncomfortable now that the two of you have seemingly moved on and are in a different setting. If you're eager to keep your fling in your life and transition from something romantic to a relationship that's more friendly in nature, then go ahead and try your best to make new memories with them at school. This will help put a divide between the two phases of your bond, and will hopefully make things less awkward going forward.


Test the Waters

If the start of the school year has come and gone and you don't really know exactly where you and your summer fling stand, go ahead and test the waters. Despite your history with one another, drop subtle hints the way you would to any other crush. That is to say, you can go ahead and strike up a conversation with your fling, make an effort to get to know them in a different context, or try and hang out as part of a larger group.

Marissa and Ryan in The OC
(The O.C. via FOX)


Focus on Other People

If you've tested the waters and your summer fling isn't picking up what you're putting down (ie. they aren't interested in continuing your relationship into the school year), go ahead and pursue other people when you feel ready. There's no use in wasting your time and energy on someone who isn't genuinely interested in you. Onto the next!


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