Need Some Focused Energy to Get You Through Homework? Try Addictive Wellness's Elixirs

Addictive Wellness certainly isn't your average chocolate brand.

Addictive Wellness specializes in raw chocolates infused with superherb and superfood ingredients with adaptogenic qualities, which are said to promote better moods and internal balance. When I tried their chocolate bars, I was so pleasantly surprised by the taste and eery effectiveness of each variety that I became an instant fan.

So when I discovered that the brand doesn'only make chocolate bars, but also Focused Energy Elixir Blends, I couldn't resist the urge to try them. I reached out to the company, who generously provided me with a box of each flavor to try for myself. Here's what I discovered.

The Products

All four varieties of Addictive Wellness's Elixir Blends are vegan, sugar-free and keto-friendly, as well as naturally and organically flavored. Coming in Cacao, Chai, Caramel and Matcha flavors, they contain unique adaptogenic herb blends formulated to support energy, concentration and beauty all at once.

Each 0.4 oz. packet is filled with the powdered mix, which can be added to hot or cold nut, oat or dairy milk and mixed in, used as a creamer for coffee or tea, or incorporated into creative recipes. The cost of individual packets, and boxes containing seven packets each, varies from flavor to flavor, and a collection of a box of each flavor is currently selling for $63.95.


The Flavors


With hot chocolate being one of the most classic of powdered drinks, I decided to start with the Cacao flavor as a baseline. I've always preferred cold drinks to hot ones, and I was excited about the fact that Addictive Wellness specified that this drink could be enjoyed without heating up the milk first. However, the instructions on the box suggested I blend the mix, which seemed like overkill—not to mention that my blender is super loud and disruptive. Instead of filling the house with screeching blender sounds first thing in the morning, I opted to instead use my new electric matcha whisk from Pure Chimp. I poured about 10 ounces of milk into a tall glass and whisked away. It made the process so much simpler, and the result was a frothy, chocolatey drink.

The elixir had just the right amount of rich, chocolatey flavor, and wasn't too sweet, but wasn't bitter or bland, either. I found it all too easy to drink, and though quite a lot of powder was left at the bottom of the glass at the end of the process, it wasn't too chocolatey or bitter, and I just discarded the dregs.

The drink also left me feeling fantastic. This one is made with reishi and gelatinized maca, plus cordyceps and tremella, for focus as well as energy. Though I didn't find the boost as striking as the individual Energy of Focus Addictive Wellness chocolates, it was still noticeable. Perhaps it was those 10 ounces of milk weighing me down.



Addictive Wellness Cacao Elixir

(via Addictive Wellness)



adore the rich, spicy flavor of chai tea, so I was particularly excited to try this unique flavor, and it did not disappoint. Again, I added it to some milk and used the whisk to get it properly blended, and had my first taste. This one was a little bit sweeter than I'd anticipated, but I quickly solved that with the addition of more liquid to get it just right. I found that the gingery cinnamon flavor came through beautifully, and it was just as delightful to drink as the chocolate that had come before it. This one had a lion's mane, astragalus, cordyceps and tremella blend of adaptogens, and left me with a pretty much identical pick-me-up to the first flavor. Again, I found a lot of powder at the bottom of the cup at the end, but I think that's to be expected. In fact, it happened repeatedly with all four flavors. All in all, it felt like another big success.

Addictive Wellness Chai Elixir

(via Addictive Wellness)



Caramel can be a hit-and-miss flavor for me, as I can often find it far too sweet and overpowering, so I was curious to see where this one would land with me. I started with the recommended 8 oz. of milk and whisked it all up, and then still finding the sweet caramel taste slightly strong, I added more liquid to get it exactly to my tastes. At that point, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the sweet, almost powdery mix of the drink. And with a similar superfood blend to the Chai flavor, it gave me the same push of energy and focus I needed.

Later on, when revisiting this flavor, I tried using it in some decaffeinated black tea as a sweetener. I found that experience even more delicious than the first, and I imagine it might be even better in coffee, if you drink it!


Addictive Wellness Caramel Elixir

(via Addictive Wellness)



At long last, it was time to try the Matcha flavor. Unlike some of the other flavors, I quickly discovered that I enjoyed this flavor most when it was the most concentrated, and I felt like my matcha whisk was most apt here as it swirled the vibrant green powder into the milk. With its rich, earthy flavor, it quickly became my favorite of all four elixirs. Plus, with its lion's mane, astragalus, cordyceps and tremella blend, I felt ready for anything afterward.


Addictive Wellness Matcha Elixir

(via Addictive Wellness)


Bottom Line

Addictive Wellness's Elixir Blends have seriously been making my work weeks, and I'm going to be super sad when I run out of them! With the right tools, they're easy to mix up and enjoy, and all of the flavors taste great while providing the natural energy and focus you need to succeed, without caffeine or added junk. You can even add them to tea or decaf coffee to add intentionality to your morning boost

Of course, if you don'have an electric matcha whisk around, the blender option can be a bit noisy. It's likely that some people won't like the flavors, or that they won't feel the effects of the adaptogens at all. Also, if you're allergic to mushrooms, you should avoid Addictive Wellness products, because they're packed with them. They're also a bit expensive, with packets starting at $1.94 for the least expensive Chai blend. If you're curious, I recommend trying the flavor that intrigues you most, and going from there to see if the brand is a fit for you.


If you're curious about the brand, click HERE to learn more about Addictive Wellness's delicious chocolates.