Addison Rae's ITEM Beauty Got a Major Upgrade

With so many skincare brands out there to choose from, it's hard to tell which ones are actually worth it.

Here at Sweety High, we've tried hundreds of brands, so we think it's safe to say we know what we're talking about. ITEM Beauty, the beauty brand co-founded by Addison Rae, is among one of the many brands we've tried and loved. The clean skincare line is affordable and gets the job done. And even better? The packaging just got a major makeover, aka, it'perfect to display on your shelves, vanity and even IG feed! Keep scrolling to get a look at the newness and to find out about each skincare product.

Fast Pass AHA Gel Cleanser: $18

We love a cleanser that's easy to apply and even easier to rinse off, and that's exactly what you get with the Fast Pass AHA Gel Cleanser. Crafted with aloe leaf and cabbage rose flower, one to two pumps of this formula will leave your skin cleansed, moisturized and brightened.


(via ITEM Beauty)


Slick Type Cleansing Balm: $20

If you've tried a cleansing balm before, you know how buttery and amazing it feels to put on, and it's no different with the Slick Type Cleansing Balm. Formulated with olive fruit oil and grape seed oil, your makeup will simply be melted away. Your skin will both look and feel cleansed and moisturized.


(via ITEM Beauty)


Lite Sauce Balancing Moisturizer: $20

Gel moisturizers are on the rise, and if you have particularly oily or combination skin, this Lite Sauce Balancing Moisturizer is just what you need. Made with tiger grass extract and murumuru butter, this lightweight formula will not only hydrate your skin, but also won'clog your pores.


(via ITEM Beauty)


Overdew Xtra Intensive Moisturizer: $20

Dry skin is something that pops up for most of us during the colder months, and now that we're on the brink of fall, it's time to start using a heavier moisturizer like Overdew Xtra Intensive Moisturizer. Formulated with argan oil, murumuru butter and magnolia berry, expect your skin to quickly reap the benefits of hydrated and moisturized skin.


(via ITEM Beauty)


One Hit: $18

We don't know about you, but we love facial sprays, especially when they act as not only a refresher but also a makeup primer. With One Hit that's just what you can expect. Crafted with stellar ingredients like rose, lavender and aloe vera, your skin will feel refreshed and your makeup will stay put all day long.


(via ITEM Beauty)


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