When I heard Addison Rae was launching her own makeup collection, I knew I had to get my hands on it ASAP.

Though I’m well past my teen years, I watch TikTok religiously and am in awe of Gen Z’s ability to master all things cosmetics. That said, when the teen queen herself came out with ITEM, there was no doubt in my mind that she’d knock it out of the park. While Addison goes for more of an au naturel look than some of her TikTok peers, I was confident she’d know a thing or two about a makeup line done right.

So, when a rep for ITEM conveniently reached out about trying all of the products, I happily obliged. Keep reading for my “look” and honest opinion.

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The Products

Mascara (Lash Snack): $14

There’s only one mascara in the collection thus far. It’s a lengthening product that comes in the shade Midnight Mood. The product packs quite the punch, as evidenced in my video below:


Lip Gloss (Lip Quip): $12

Like the aforementioned product, the gloss only comes in one shade at the moment: Come Thru. It has some pretty solid staying power, though if you’re looking for a bold hue, you’ve come to the wrong place. Despite its slightly tinted orange formula, it goes on clear.


Eyebrow Pencil (Brow Chow): $14

Enter: my favorite product of the collection. The ultra-fine brow definer is the absolute best. It glides on effortlessly, fills in those oh-so-lovely gaps in the brows and comes in four shades (ranging from warm blonde to deep brunette).



Eyeshadow (Lid Glaze): $14

Placed in a tube of creamy formula, the easy-to-apply shadows come in six sparkly, neutral shades. For my trial, I went with Coin Toss (Deep Brown), and I was pleasantly surprised by how long it stayed on.


Bronzer / Contour Set (Cheek Money): $16

These dark bronzer-contour duos come in two different options. I went with the lighter of the two (Mood Vibez) for my look. I’m no contour expert, though I will say the formula is rich and doesn’t take much to go on strikingly.


Powder (Powder Hour): $22

Coming in four different shades, these multipurpose blot, brighten and blur powders come with an applicator brush and divided area for the formulas. I didn’t end up using these, so I can’t comment on their effectiveness.

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I’ll be completely honest and say I didn’t have extremely high hopes for the line. Not because I didn’t believe in Addison and what she’s capable of, but more because the price point is relatively low and the brand caters to a younger, mass market.

Therefore, I was wholly impressed. The eyebrow pencil and mascara blew me away (favorites!). And when I initially tried the shadows, I had low expectations when an attempted swatch on my arm wiped off easily. But once I applied Tarte Shape Tape concealer to my eyes and followed it with a few swipes of the shadow, it actually stayed on and gave my eyes a major pop.

Because the line is still limited with inventory, it’s important for me to note that my look wouldn’t have been complete without Jafra Cosmetics’ Royal Jelly full-coverage foundation and Luxie Bronze and Glow makeup brush kit.

All of ITEM’s products are easy to use, as well as easily transportable. The packaging is eye-catching and sturdy. No complaints there! See my final look below:



Bottom Line

Being 100% honest, I totally recommend ITEM. Especially given its first go, I really see no issues. The price point is, well, on-point, the quality seems to be solid and the formulas are made totally free of talc, parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. Of course, I wish there were a foundation thrown in the mix, but for a just-released line, it’s nice that they have this many products to choose from off the bat.
The only product I think should have been included in this first run is a bold lip. While I’m all for the daytime vibe this line is going for, it would be nice if there had been the option to up the look from day to night. I did find it tougher when taking my final look selfie. I think just one bold lip would have tied it together. There’s also no eyeliner (which I actually didn’t feel like I needed here, but want to point out regardless).

But again, no real complaints here. I’m really impressed and plan to incorporate some of these products in my day-to-day makeup routine!


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