Nickelodeon's Addison Riecke Shares Her Hobbies, Latest Netflix Binge and Musical Talent With Us

Addison Riecke plays a superhero on The Thundermans, but she's also a total inspiration IRL, just peep her Instagram and see what we mean!

She's one of our absolute fave humans and we think she deserves the title of #WCW this week.

We got to learn all kinds of fun things about Addison including her latest Netflix binge, hobbies and her secret musical talent. Keep scrolling to find out everything she had to tell us.

Addison Riecke #WCW art

(Photo Credit: Heidi Bowers Photography)

Name: Addison Riecke

Birthplace: Louisiana

Birthday: January 26

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Celebrity Crushes: Finn Wolfhard and Romeo Beckham

Fun Facts:

1. She loves a good DIY, particularly, cool slime. "I have recently started making slime and bath bombs as a hobby," she said. "I like to experiment with different scents and colors. I even started an Instagram account for my slime and bath bombs. I'm a little obsessed."

2. This might come as a surprise, but Addison played a bully for her first on-screen role. "It is [the] polar opposite of who I am in real life," she explained. "I am an advocate against bullying. I have been involved in several anti-bullying campaigns and messages." Anyone who follows her knows she is the furthest thing from a bully. I mean, look at how adorable she is supporting the Say No Bullying Festival. An actual angel we tell you.

3. She has a low-key musical talent. "In my free time, I play the ukulele," she said. "I have not taken any lessons, it is mostly self-taught. I originally learned the chords from my on-screen sister, Kira Kosarin. When I hear a song that I want to play, I just look up the chords online." 

4. She loves riflery and archery. She even shared, "Every year I go to an all-girls sleep away summer camp and these are some of my favorite things to do there!"

5. She understands what it truly means to be a Netflix junkie. "I am obsessed with binge-watching television. I binge watched season one of Stranger Things in a day," she said. Judging by her tweet, she loved it just as much as we did.

6. She has fantastic taste in musicals and said, "I absolutely love Hamilton … the entire soundtrack is on heavy rotation on my playlist!"

7. She loves baking up a few sweet treats once in a while. "I like to try to bake everything from scratch," she said. Because homemade desserts are the best no matter what—save us a cupcake, girl.????


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