12 Things We Worship About Adele's New "Hello" Music Video

Adele's new "Hello" music video has changed our lives in a single weekend, and based on the fact that it broke "Bad Blood"'s HUGE record for the most views in a 24-hour period on Vevo, we can safely guess you've been watching it on repeat, too. If you somehow aren't already obsessed here are 12 reasons to fall in LOVE with "Hello"!


1. Because we loved Tristan Wilds on 90210 and he is still bae.

tristan wilds adele hello


2. Even the dust falling away from these curtains is perfect.



3. "Hello" is so epic that we weren't shocked when we discovered it was the first music video shot on IMAX cameras. We just want it in our eyes every second of every day.



4. The music video features flip phones, a bulky landline phone AND a deserted British telephone booth in the middle of a forest. Why is this video so obsessed with old school phones? We don't know, but it's our fave.



5. Adele's EVERYTHING is on point.

adele hello music video makeup


6. And we know it's SO cliché to say it now but these brows are the definition of on fleek.

adele eyebrows on fleek


7. She is so fierce in this video, and this is just the first song from 25. Which means THERE IS MORE OF THIS COMING.



8. With all the tea and telephone booths, it reminds us how obsessed we are with all things British.



9. Not only does Adele have the most amazing mani in the video, but she ALSO got to touch Tristan's face.



10. And the whole video is so gorgeous that this image will be our lock screen forever (on our non-flip phones, btw).

tracking shot adele hello music video


11. Because if it doesn't make you cry even a LITTLE bit, you're heartless.



12. And during this scene, the fact that her extensions are showing proves she's human like the rest of us, which just makes us love her even more.



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