Adopt a Cat, Gain a Friend

Kitten Season is here, which means there are 1,000's of homeless cats roaming the streets in desperate need of a bite to eat and a loving home.

In order to encourage people to take a cat off the streets, or out of a shelter, The American Humane Society, along with the CATalyst Council, have dubbed June the national Adopt-A-Cat-Month.

In May of this year, Congresswoman Susan Davis established June as Adopt-A-Cat-Month on the floor of the House of Representatives by reading a statement before Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Despite the recent publicity brought on by government interference, the American Humane society has been promoting cat adoption every June since 1975.

We applaud their tremendous efforts and encourage those who are able to adopt a cat this month, or any month for that matter, to do so.