Adopt-A-Classroom Campaign Teams With Bella Thorne!

Bella Thorne is teaming up with Adopt-A-Classroom and JC Penney to help students get the supplies they need to stay engaged with school!


Throughout August, you can round up your purchases at JC Penney to donate Adopt-A-Classroom! finds donors who want to make a difference and partners them up with classes that need school supplies. Thanks to those donors, teachers can buy the supplies their students need to succeed!

"Learning should be fun for kids and many people don't realize what great lengths teachers go through in order to make that happen," Bella says in a PSA for the new campaigt

Bella met a 3rd grade teacher named Ms. Rossi to see the program's impact.

"I try and make learning fun in my classroom," Rossi explains. "Adopt-A-Classroom is extremely important for students and teachers because it helps provide all the resources and materials to help keep them engaged and before you know it, they're learning and having fun at the same time."

The ad aired during the Do Something Awards last week. We think this is such an awesome cause! Will you do your part to contribute?