What to Do When Your Parents Don't Like Your S.O.

Just when you thought your relationship was smooth-sailing, your parents make waves with their disapproval of your S.O.

But don't freak out just yet—we've all been there, which means that we have plenty of tips for turning their relationship frown upside down.

Keep reading to find out the steps you should take if you want your 'rents to approve of your love:

Acknowledge the Issue

Communication is the key ingredient to each and every relationship—even the one between you and your parents. First things first, talk to your parents about the problem so you can gain insight into their feelings.

Was it a bad first impression? Are they judging your S.O. based on surface-level appearances? Did they once know someone like your S.O. and are jumping to conclusions? Figuring out exactly what beef your parents have with your love will help you move forward towards a better and brighter future.

Pretty Little Liars, Aria and Ezra

(Pretty Little Liars via the CW)


Prove Them Wrong

Each of the above reasons for why your 'rents may not be head-over-heels for your S.O. can be easily remedied. Show them your love's good side (which is probably every side, in your opinion) and prove their judgment wrong. Invite your S.O. to certain family gatherings—though it's always important to know the right place and time—so your parents can get to know them better.

Over time, if your S.O. is the perfect person you think they are, your parents are likely to lighten up.

Gilmore Girls, Jess and Lorelai

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Only Divulge the Good

While open dialogue with your parents is amazing and can lead to top-notch advice, you may want to leave the convos about fights and arguments to your friends. If your parents already disapprove of your relationship, you'll only add fuel to the flame by being open about disagreements and lapses in judgment.

Of course, if something truly bad happens, you should always go to your parents or an adult you trust. But when it comes to a flirty text your S.O. sent to another girl, go ahead and call up your besties.


Heed Their Warning

While the goal is obviously to get your parents to like your S.O., it's also important to hear them out. They may actually have a really good reason for disapproving of the relationship, and, though we hate to admit it, they may be right.

When it comes to relationships, our parents have tons more practice in the field than we do. If mom or dad senses that something wicked this way comes, perhaps you should heed their warning and take a good long look at your S.O. Are you your best self when you're with them? Are you being treated like the goddess you are? These are important questions to answer honestly.

HBO Girls, Hannah and Adam fighting

(Girls via HBO)


Agree to Disagree

Whether there's a political divide keeping your parents from approving of your relationship or they simply don't think anyone is good enough for their daughter, at the end of the day, you may just have to agree to disagree.

While your parents' good blessings are always appreciated, they aren't necessary for the well-being of your relationship. If you've done all of the above steps and are still positive that this is a match made in heaven, shrug off their disapproval. Only you can know what it's really like within your relationship, and everyone else is simply a spectator.


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