What to Do When Your Parents Say You're Too Young to Date

Many parents have put their foot down on dating until we're married (good one, Dad), or at the very least until we turn 16.

So what are we supposed to do when it turns out that the person we're crushing on hard happens to like us back?

We can't simply ignore this fated bond. But at the same time, we also don't want to date an S.O. in secret because that's a recipe for disaster. Continue reading for tips on what to do when your parents say you're too young to date:

Keep a Stiff Upper Lip

If your parents have put the kibosh on dating, maintain your chill. By freaking out (i.e. yelling, kicking, screaming, crying, shouting you're ruining my life), you're only proving their point. The notion of being "too young" means that you aren't emotionally ready for this benchmark.

Instead, calmly express your feelings—it wouldn't hurt to have some solid points from your perspective on hand—and if they still won't budge, suggest that you prove yourself. This strategy is your gateway into the dating world.

Mariana having serious convo with Lena, the fosters

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Show Off Your Maturity

If you're old enough to date, then you're certainly old enough to complete various chores that you still moan and groan about. Start by showing off your maturity by helping out without first being asked. This could include keeping your room tidy, washing and putting away the dishes, handling your own laundry or volunteering to run errands. These may not be the most fun tasks in the world, but the hard work is likely to pay off.


Take on a Smaller Responsibility First

If your parents take issue with your accountability, first suggest you be held responsible for something smaller than an S.O. This could mean taking on the responsibilities of the family pet, of your car or of your younger sibling. Once some time passes, you'll prove to your parents that you are capable of handling adult duties.


Always Keep Curfew

One of the major reasons your 'rents probably feel like you aren't prepared to date is because they fear you'll begin to break rules. According to their worst nightmares, you'll date a person who keeps you out past curfew, who convinces you to skip class and who teaches you how to lie to your family. Show that you can handle freedom and responsibility by always making curfew. Even a few minutes can sway your parents one way or the other.

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Maintain Your Sparkling GPA (or Raise It)

Another reason your parents don't want you to date is that an S.O. is just another distraction from school. Prove that above all else you're a scholar by bringing home those good grades. Alternatively, if your current GPA doesn't shine so bright, work extra hard to raise your grades.

Polly and Jason Riverdale

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Introduce Your Crush

No matter how embarrassing you believe your parents to be, introducing them to your crush is an excellent step in your dating journey. Helping your parents fall in love with the person of your dreams will help you inch closer to that special four-letter word yourself. Try not to put too much pressure on this introduction, though, because overwhelming your crush will most likely lead to nervous energy.

Bkackish, Zoey introducing boyfriend to family

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Group Dates FTW

If your parents are bugging because of the one-on-one dating time, suggest you start slower by going out on group dates. This will help your 'rents relax as other people will be around. Plus, it'll give you and your crush time to get to know each other without any of the awkward conversation lulls.


Get Ready to Compromise

After proving yourself to be mature and ready for new responsibilities, be prepared to compromise. You may not get your ideal dating plan, but baby steps are still small strides towards your goal. Again, see tip No. 1 and keep calm at all costs. The fact that your parents are even acknowledging your dating desires means that your requests are being heard.


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