Aedin Mincks Talks Healthy Living and A.N.T. Farm Season 3!

Aedin Mincks has acted most of his life and just became a series regular on the Disney Channel's hit show, A.N.T. Farm! We asked him a few questions about his history with acting, exercising and eating healthy, and what A.N.T. Farm's latest season has in store!

Aedin Mincks' first introduction to Hollywood was actually incidental, and happened because his older brother, Austin Mincks, would go to interviews with Hollywood agents.

"I was tagging along with my Gameboy and when we would walk into the meetings the agents would all say: "Who is that!? We want to meet him too!" Aedin said.

Aedin's mom told the agents that they didn't want Aedin because he "was a free spirit" and "didn't take direction well." After all, Aedin was 6 at the time!

"It kinda made me want to try it as well," Aedin said. "Also because I wanted to someday be in a movie like Lord Of the Rings with my brother."

Aedin Mincks on A.N.T. Farm

The third season of A.N.T. Farm on the Disney Channel aired its first episode on May 31. It's the first season with Aedin as a series regular!

"I have been a part of the show since the pilot, but always had different dressing rooms and no parking space and never got to be a part of the behind the scenes interviews and stuff like that," Aedin said.

Having his own parking spot on the lot and a dressing room of his very own allowed Aedin to decorate, which made him feel like a true part of the cast, he said.

"I also love being in the opening credits and seeing my name up there with the rest of the cast."

Aedin Mincks' A.N.T. Farm character Angus Chestnut is an unmotivated computer genius. Aedin said that he and Angus are very different characters.

"Angus is known to be lazy," he said. "I actually exercise and do a lot of activities."

Those activities include going to the gym, taking BodyCombat and BodyPump classes, going to yoga, swimming, skateboarding, and riding his bike!

"Angus was also shown to be an unhealthy eater," Aedin pointed out as another main difference. "I on the other hand, always eat organic fruits and vegetables- I juice and make smoothies – I don't eat candy – or processed sugars."

For a long time, Aedin and his family have been dedicated to healthy living. Both of his grandparents passed away when he was very young.

"My family decided it was important for us all to be careful what we were putting into our bodies – and to exercise regularly. It helps us think clearer too."

"My dad is a bigger guy," Aedin said. "He is 6'3.  He was a bigger kid like I am. Then he grew out of it. My brother is a skinny twig with muscles, and we all eat the same things. Actually he isn't as strict about what he eats, like I am, because my mom lets him get away with more."

It's important not to make assumptions about people based on their appearances, Aedin said.

"People assume that if someone is big they must eat fast food, junk food and just be lazy," Aedin said. "That isn't always the case. Be careful not to be quick to judge people by their looks."

Aedin Mincks' motto is "Treat others like you would like to be treated."

Though Angus is lazy and Aedin is super-dedicated to his health, the two aren't completely dissimilar.

"I love computers and I am confident like him- I don't worry about what other people think," Aedin said, "and I think Sierra McCormick is awesome- except I am not in love with her like Angus is with Olive."

According to Aedin, in Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm we can expect to see China, Olive, Fletcher, Angus and Lexi move into  new Z tech school, also called the A.N.T. Farm.

"I would say it's the new and improved ANT FARM," Aedin said. "We are all older and wiser and more mature."
Aedin didn't know yet if he could share any Season 3 secrets, but he did say "there is a big surprise at the end of Season 3."

Aedin has been in a number of big Hollywood movies. He said he particularly loved working with actors Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, Giovanni Ribisi, and Mila Kunis.

Catch new episodes of A.N.T. Farm on the Disney Channel Friday nights at 7 and 8pm!