Affirmicious's Zodiac-Specific Affirmation Decks Empower While Changing the Way You Think for the Better

Just because I know about how good daily positive affirmations can be for me doesn't mean that I'm good at sticking with them.

When I practice positive affirmations, I really do feel more positive, capable and powerful. The problem is that it's so easy to forget to practice them, and picking the right affirmations for each day can be a challenge in and of itself.

That's where Affirmicious comes in. The brand is all about zodiac-specific affirmations, crafting affirmation books and planners tailored to each zodiac sign, but it's their affirmation card decks that immediately caught my eye. The brand was kind enough to send me their Sagittarius 100 Affirmations Card Deck, and it's taken me on quite the journey.

The Cards

Affirmicious's 100 Affirmations Card Decks are designed to improve your mindset and change your thinking for the better with daily affirmations tailored precisely to your zodiac sign. Each deck contains 100 unique affirmation cards designed to reinforce your positive traits, help you to overcome the things you struggle with and otherwise provide the messages that will help you through life.

The process is simple. You just have to pull a daily card and repeat the affirmation to yourself, fully focusing on the words while internalizing and knowing them to be true. The more you repeat and believe in these messages, the truer they become, and you feel the difference as a result, seeing real-life improvements over time.

The Sagittarius deck, for example, bolsters Sagittarius's positivity, ambition and sense of adventure, while reeling in their impulsivity, bluntness and careless tendencies to create balance and strength. Each physical deck sells for $45, while there are also digital versions of the decks that retail for $14.

Affirmicious Sagittarius Zodiac affirmations deck

(via Affirmicious)


The Experience

Day 1

I decided that the best way to go about my review of the deck was to pull a daily card, take in the affirmation and see how it impacted my day, if at all. But first, I got acquainted with the deck itself. I was immediately impressed with the sleek cards. On the backs, they're identical, with a stunning purple-to-pink ombre, and an arrow (the symbol of Sagittarius) in the middle of the words "100 Affirmations for Sagittarius." On their fronts, they have a pink watercolor effect at the top and bottom of the card, with the same arrow symbol at the top, and the affirmation in the center.

When I opened the box, the card at the top of the pile read: "I can channel my restless energy in a positive way." I'm not sure why, but it felt like a sign, and I decided to claim this card as my first affirmation from the deck. I have always struggled with a restless mind, and also suffer from restless legs syndrome at night, so it felt more than apt.

Affirmicious Sagittarius Zodiac affirmations card pull

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To begin, I repeated the sentence about 10 times under my breath in the day and did what I could to internalize the thought. I had a lot to get done during work that day, so I didn't have much time to think about the affirmation, but perhaps it was already going into effect with all of the stuff I got organized that day between articles, emails and just getting my team on the same page.

I repeated the affirmation again in the evening. That night, rather than just letting myself feel squirrely and waste time on my phone, I decided to direct some of that fidgetiness into something productive. I journaled a little bit, started writing down some of the creative ideas that were popping into my head and then did some drawing for the first time since May. It wasn't anything groundbreaking, but I did feel a lot better than if I would have just wasted time scrolling through social media, and I actually had something physical to show for it.


Day 2

On the second day, I actually decided to shuffle the deck to pull my affirmation. Since it consists of 100 cards, it's tough to shuffle the whole thing at once, so I did some overhand shuffling first before splitting the deck in half, based on what my intuition told me and then shuffling the remaining 50 or so cards and finally pulling one. This time, it read: "I explore this world with an open mind and heart."

As opposed to the previous card, this one seemed to focus on something I already feel about myself. Sagittarius is known for their sense of exploration, as well as their openness to new ideas, and I think that these are both things I embody (even if I haven't had the chance to do much outdoor exploration, lately). After practicing this affirmation in the morning, I didn't feel much different about myself, but I did attempt to make an effort to be more open. I gave incoming ideas a second look when I might have passed on them on a normal day, and looking at my writing from a different perspective allowed it to take on a life it wouldn't have otherwise. All in all, I found the pull pretty successful.


Day 3

On the third day, I pulled the card reading: "I am mindful and present. I cherish every moment of this precious experience." Now, mindfulness can be something that's pretty challenging for me, and I wonder if this is one of those cards that helps to counteract the nature of my sign. My brain is often jumping back and considering things that happened to me in the past, or running ahead and wondering about what I need to do in the future, rather than allowing me to focus on the here and now. While it's not always easy to be present, especially when I'm working and juggling a dozen things, I did make an attempt. I tried to focus on the delicious flavors in my morning tea, savor the flavors in my lunch and really hone in on my happiness playing with my new dogs with my husband. While I'm still not there in terms of how mindful I'd like to be, it was a welcome step in the right direction.

Affirmicious Sagittarius Zodiac affirmations pulling card

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Day 4

On day four, my card read: "Before making an impulsive decision, I always remember to stop and think for a while." This one actually made me laugh, because being impulsive is a well-known Sagittarius trait, and initially, it felt like an outright lie. However, affirmations can be a powerful way to curb behaviors you want to phase out, and I thought it was worth a try. I repeated the affirmation to myself and set out on my day.

Did I somewhat impulsively buy a refurbished iPad that night? Yes—but it was only after some thorough research into the different iPads and the features I was looking for, weighing the costs of each one and calculating how much money I'd be saving there versus buying an expensive drawing tablet for my computer. Even if the affirmation only halfway worked, at least I didn't jump into the purchase without knowing what I was getting into!


Day 5

On the fifth day, I pulled a card reading: "I know that my dreams are calling me and I am ready to answer." After repeating this affirmation, I thought about what this might mean for me. In terms of dreams, I've already got a lot of what I want. My job is fulfilling, I've recently had more time to go after creative pursuits that bring me joy and my life at home is better than ever. This affirmation made me realize what I have and helped me practice a little gratitude while keeping my eyes open for whatever dreams life wants to hand me.


Day 6

Day six was a Saturday, so when I pulled the "I can nurture my spirit by caring for my mind and body," card, it felt appropriate. I had already slept in that day until about 11—it's possible I'd overdone it a little during the week—and felt it was a day to really treat myself. I took the time to prepare and eat good food, and when the evening rolled around, I made sure to take part in a multi-step pedicure, topped off by a luxurious bath with a white tea bath bomb. It wound up being an early night for me, which was just the thing my mind and body needed. Thanks, card!


Day 7

On the seventh and final day of my trial run, I picked a card reading: "Being patient is getting easier and easier for me. I can find peace in waiting." I liked the way that this card was phrased because, despite the fact that I can often be impatient and struggle with waiting for things that are on the horizon, it's easy to imagine that it's getting easier, little by little. I am better understanding that, with how quickly time is passing these days, the things I'm waiting for are coming faster and faster—and I should actually not wait for time to rush by and cherish the moments as they come. I have some exciting things coming on the horizon, but this affirmation will make it simpler for me to slow down and enjoy the time it takes to get there.

Affirmicious Sagittarius Zodiac affirmations lifestyle

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Bottom Line

While I can't speak for everyone, Affirmicious's affirmation card deck works wonders for me, and I plan to continue pulling cards as part of my morning routine in order to guide my days. When I use them, I feel less negative, like my positive traits will allow me to accomplish anything, and that I can overcome the traits that sometimes hold me back.

And while Sagittarius is my sun sign, I'm also considering looking into the Leo deck (my rising sign) and the Pisces deck (my moon sign) for further affirmations and more insight into myself. At $45 per deck, this would get a little pricey, but I love that they also have the digital version available for $14 in case you're on a budget. For the way they can improve your life, they're worth the investment.


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