9 Affordable Jewelry Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

Is it just us, or does is never seem like you have enough jewelry?

Whether it's rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or something else, you name it, we want it. We're big fans of stacking our accessories and showing them off to the world. And since we're always on the hunt for the best, we've basically seen it all. A lot of jewelry brands are made super inexpensively, resulting in rusty, gross jewelry. That's why we're willing to spend a bit more on quality.

Keep reading for nine affordable jewelry brands that should definitely be on your radar:

1. Gorjana: Most Products Vary Between $30-$150

If you're on the hunt for some high-quality pieces, start with Gorjana. Not only are their pieces seemingly indestructible, but they're timeless, too. We've been wearing the same Gorjana pieces for years now, so you'd think they'd be all banged up… but no. They look perfectly brand new and shiny as ever.

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2. Sterling ForeverMost Products Vary Between $40-$100

Sterling Forever has jewelry for every type of girl. If you're into astrology, there are all sorts of celestial pieces. Even if you're a zodiac lover, they've got you covered. The best part about this brand is that lots of their pieces look great stacked and layered together, meaning you can create lots of options with just one set of accessories!

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3. Uncommon JamesMost Products Vary Between $30-$75

Our fave reality star, Kristin Cavallari, is the creative genius behind the jewelry line, Uncommon James. We love her products, not only because they're very reasonably priced, but because they are super versatile, too. They're meant to be worn from day-to-night and by the woman who's constantly on the go.

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4. Luv AJMost Products Vary Between $40-$155

Luv AJ is like that trendy girl you follow on Insta whose life you wish you had. Seriously… the brand is so cool and chic that we can barely contain ourselves. At any given moment, we're rocking at least one of their products, and for good reason! Their blinged-out pieces are pretty much always in our shopping carts.

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5. Kendra ScottMost Products Vary Between $40-$100

If you like making a statement with the accessories you wear, you should definitely check out Kendra Scott. Their iconic gemstones are recognizable by anyone who's into jewelry, so we're willing to bet all your fashionista friends will know exactly what you're wearing. At the moment, we're especially loving their line of stackable rings.

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6. Madewell: Most Products Vary Between $20-$100

While you're probably already familiar with Madewell because of their denim, did you know they have some pretty fab pieces of jewelry, too? They're all about creating timeless designs, which is exactly what you get when you scroll through their website. And at such affordable price points, you'll likely end up with a cart jam-packed of fun pieces.

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7. BaubleBarMost Products Vary Between $20-$100

We're completely obsessed with BaubleBar, no joke. This glorious brand creates super eccentric pieces that are at the same time timeless. But how is that even possible, you might ask? TBH, we don't really know, but their designers are doing one incredible job at creating some killer products for the masses.

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8. House of Harlow 1960Most Products Vary Between $50-$80

When you think of House of Harlow 1960, you likely think of Sophia Richie's sister Nicole, and the clothing line itself. But listen up, friends, because HOH's jewelry is incredible, too (if not better)! Meant for the more sophisticated gal, this brand's offerings include gorgeously dainty earrings, necklaces and more. Simply put, this brand's about to become one of your go-to's.

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9. MejuriMost Products Vary Between $50-$150

If you're all about simplicity when it comes to your jewelry choices, Mejuri is seriously the brand of your dreams. From stunning single earrings, to stackable rings and more, their pieces are timeless, dainty and just plain cute! We love their fair pricing and the fact that they don't do insane price markups.


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