After Romeo Talks "Free Fall" with Sweety High!

After Romeo is a pop boy consisting of Jayk Purdy, Devin Fox, Drew Ryan Scott, TC Carter, and Blake English. They recently released their hit song "Free Fall," complete with an awesome video!

We spoke with the boys recently about how they all came together as a group, about their experience filming a music video, and more!

After Romeo

The band's Jayk Purdy is from Las Vegas. His mother was a singer and his father was a classically trained pianist. His influences include Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Temptations, The Beatles, and Justin Timberlake.

"In the band I usually sing the melody on the chorus or the middle harmony," Jayk said. "I get a little nuts on stage so be ready!"

Devin Fox is the youngest member of the group at 15.  He attended a performing arts school in Los Angeles. He loves 80s and 90s rock music and said that out of the band, he is the most ridiculous.

"I say stupid things a lot and everybody laughs at me….at least I'm funny!" Devin said. "I definitely bring the immaturity out of us all."

Drew Ryan Scott was originally from Texas and Louisiana, but was raised in Las Vegas, where his father is an Elvis impersonator. He role us that Elvis Presley had always been a huge influence on him, especially because Elvis was able to bridge the gap and do films as well as music.

"I moved to L.A. to follow my dream of being a singer/songwriter/producer and thus far have had a lot of success," Drew said.

In fact, Drew has written songs for Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Cody Simpson, New Kids On the Block and more!

"I am officially a multiplatinum writer/producer who has had over 15 #1 hits to date and over 30 top 10 hits," Drew said.

He writes all of the songs for After Romeo.

TC Carter said that singing and dancing have been his passions for all of his life. He performed in musicals growing up and said he is influenced by hip hop .

"Some of the guys get a little crazy and I keep cool," TC explained. "That's why we mesh so well together we all have different personalities but we all want the same thing!"

Blake English is originally from Athens, Georgia. He has an innate love for teaching. His musical influences include Kanye West, Sigur Ros, Sia, Zedd, Ryan Tedder and Rihanna.

"Ever since I was little I believed my life was meant for something way more than little old Athens had to offer," Blake English said. "I discovered at a late age my love for singing and dancing however that only made me that much more passionate and hungry to absorb every aspect of performing."

The boys released a music video for their song "Free Fall" just this May. They said that they had an absolute blast filming it.

The group woke up at 4am to start filming the video after two days of 12-hour rehearsals.  The video includes five costume changes and for most of the boys was their first-ever music video shoot.

"While the day may have been tiring, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life," Blake said.

After Romeo intend to write music that inspires positivity and good vibes, with lyrics suitable for the whole family. "Free Fall" definitely fits the bill!

"We have a lot of energy on stage so we had to make sure to find songs that would inspire that energy," Jayk said. "'Free Fall,' our promotional single, gives us a chance to not only show off our vocal ability but our dance ability. It talks about taking chances. We all can achieve greatness but a lot of times we get hung up on being scared or thinking we're not good enough. You just gotta jump and give it all you've got. Free Fall!"

The band has a number of awesome unreleased tracks beside their single "Free Fall." "Love on Lock" tells the story of a couple whose love is so strong it will never break. Devin said the song also expresses the band's feelings toward their fans.

"Meet Me In My Dreams" is a song about being in love with someone when you can't be near them. "Wake the World Up" is a high-energy song featuring an awesome rap by TC. Another track,"On Our Side," is a song about a couple fighting over the opinions of close friends and family.

"Our band's sound is an eclectic mix of the artist we are influenced by as well as our own sound created by the merging of our five individual personalities," Blake said. "Through that we get a good blend of pop/R&B with a little bit of artsy peppered on top."

Drew had more to say about the group's sound.

"We love to have fun and we think most people out there do too, so our sound is a mix of pop, EDM, R&B, and a splash of rock," Drew said. "Basically a party for your ears."

Read a couple of the band's full answers below! If you're curious about After Romeo, be sure to check out their social pages!




What role do you play within After Romeo?

BLAKE: The preppy boy who seems shy until he hits the stage.

JAYK: Known as the sports fanatic and resident bad boy Jayk takes his athleticism to new heights when he is performing.

TC: Raised on hip hop and urban influences he is the BBoy of the band. Prepared to dance his rumpy dump off.

DREW: The energizer bunny who's always positive and in a good mood.  Ready to croon his way into your heart.

DEVIN: The little brother of the group. His talent stretches years beyond his age.


What have you discovered about yourself since joining the band?

JAYK: I've discovered that performing is my ultimate passion. I was convinced as a child that I was going to be an athlete. Oh, how I was so wrong.  It's my absolute favorite thing to do now.

DEVIN: I really have learned to push myself to the max. We rehearse 12 hours a day dancing and singing it is super fun but can really wear you out and be exhausting. Come to think of it I need a massage.

DREW: I have a problem being late!!!! hahahaha I am a control freak lol

TC: Growing up an only child I definitely discovered what it's like to have 4 brothers…and now I know what makes me TICK!!!! I have found that I really enjoy being neat and tidy.

BLAKE: More than anything I've discovered how much I love performing with a group. While being solo has it's perks we are stronger as 5 than any solo artist could ever be. I mean we're like 5 solo artist all put together to make a SUPER BAND!