The Cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Revealed Their Favorite Show Moments at Comic-Con

With the seventh and final season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airing next year, this year's San Diego Comic-Con panel for the show was a sentimental one.

Throughout the Hall H event, a few of the show's actors and creators even got a little teary-eyed talking about their experiences on the show. Eventually, it got to the point where showrunner Jed Whedon decided he had to say something about it.

"We should probably explain, just to give you context, that we had our final table read," Jed explained. "We're airing season six, but we're shooting the very last episode right now, so a lot of us are feeling this." He then burst into a fit of fake sobs. "We're having this experience now and you should know that part of the reason we're really enjoying this is we're going through what the characters are going through, which is our last mission together."


Filming 7 Seasons

The show's cast and crew have gone through a major journey together, filming 136 hours of show over the course of seven years. Clark Gregg, who plays agent (and later director) Phil Coulson, has been with the show since the very beginning. After the panel showcased a recap of the show's very first season, he had a few words to say about his experience.

"This has been such an incredible journey," Clark said. "It only happened because when I stepped on this stage with the cast of The Avengers in 2010, not long after that, I was dead. And this really nice guy I had just met by the name of Whedon called me a little later and said, 'We think you might not be so dead.' He passed the show on to his brilliant brother and sister-in-law Maurissa and they have taken us on this incredible ride. It's changed our lives. I've gotta say, just watching that made me tired."



Crying in Fast-Motion

Chloe Bennet has also been a major player on the show since day one, as the super-powered Daisy Johnson. While the cast remarked on her incredible acting talents over the years, they also discussed some of the technical achievements she had to pull off to make the character work. For one scene, they used a Phantom High-Speed Camera to capture an incredibly emotional scene at 1000 frames per second.

"Because it's so slow, you have to do the action really fast," Chloe explained. "Jed comes up and he goes, 'Just look at BJ, he died, and then look at Ruth, and then you see her die and and you get emotional, and you have to do that in five seconds.' I had to look at this, this, that, this and then cry. Literally, when he told me that, I got so frustrated with the physicality and the technical aspect while getting emotional that I actually was crying because I was so frustrated. So those tears are out of frustration."



Oh, Henry

Henry Simmons may be a newer cast member, but it's clear he's made a massive impact on the show so far. He wasn't always intended to be a cast regular, but from the moment he stepped on screen, the crew knew he was someone special.

"We were like, 'Fitz needs a big mechanic friend!' " Jed Whedon explained. "We we cast Henry, and the first time we framed up on you and you're working on the car…"

"He needs to stay," interjected Maurissa Tancharoen.

"Do you guys hear money?" joked Jed.

Executive producer Jeff Bell agreed.

"It's true," he said. "He's wearing a flannel shirt, and he leans forward, and he looks up, and we all hear 'cha-ching!' "

Henry, on the other hand, wasn't so sure that he'd be sticking around long.

"What they do is, before they kill you, they call you in and say, 'We need to talk to you.'" He explained. "So Jeph and Jef are walking down the hall, and they go, 'Henry!' I ran. If you can't tell me, you can't kill me."



Becoming the Baddie

While Iain De Caestecker's character, Leo Fitz, was a lovable fan favorite for most of the show, he also temporarily played an evil, Hydra-brainwashed version of the character known as Leopold.

The actor revealed that he didn't much like being evil on the small screen.

"It wasn't fun actually," Iain said. "It wasn't a nice feeling to be acting that way. What's that song, 'You don't know what you got till it's gone?' I'd sit and cry listening to that thinking about Elizabeth [Henstridge]. You take it for granted."

Elizabeth also had a few things to say about Fitz' evil turn.

"I was a bit scared, because we didn't see each other for ages," she said. "And then I remember just seeing the back of you in that suit. And it was like…" Elizabeth gasped. "You looked really good. I have thought a little bit differently about you since."



Casting Deke

Fans have also gotten to know and love Jeff Ward as Deke Shaw, a human from a dystopian future where humans are enslaved by the Kree. Today, the character inhabits a very different role than he had at the beginning, and Jeff wasn't even originally cast as Deke.

"These guys all know I was cast for a different part," Jeff explained. "I was cast as Virgil, who gets claws to his face in the second scene, and so I thought I would be there for one day."

"But then he killed the table read so massively as the person who gets clawed in scene two," Clark Gregg jumped in.

"We'd done a lot of episodes of this show and we had people come in every week for a new table read, usually covered in blood and tired, and people die all the time on the show," Chloe added. "Jeff came in as this one character who died, and at a table read we've never reacted like that. We were like 'No!' We didn't know who he was at all, but he came in and he just stole the part. Immediately we just wanted more of him. He's been such a wonderful addition."



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