Aidan Alexander Reveals How His New Song Shares a 'More Intimate Side' of the Star

Talented actor Aidan Alexander is finally making his way into the world of music.

After gracing movie screens and televisions for years in projects like Red Wing, A Cowgirl's Story and Love, the Los Angeles local premiered his first song, "I Don't Love You," earlier this month. The tune has an atmospheric electro pop sound that highlights Aidan's lyrical prowess and unique approach to creating music. 

Recently, we were able to chat with Aidan about his transition to the music industry and how exactly "I Don't Love You" came about. Keep scrolling to read everything he had to say.

Sweety High: What made you want to transition from acting to music?

Aidan Alexander: Well, I've been singing since I was little, so I always say that it was something I wanted to do. I love writing, and the thing about acting is that you're telling somebody else's story. You know? And I love that, don't get me wrong. But the thing with music that was really cool for me was that I got—it sounds so corny—but I really got to tell my own story and I got to write the things that I was thinking as opposed to acting out somebody else's stuff.

I've been writing poetry since I was little, so I thought that it made sense, it was something I wanted to do, I've been working on it for a year-and-a-half now, so it felt like it was time.

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SH: What was the inspiration behind "I Don't Love You"?

AA: Well the song's actually about someone that I do, or I did, really love. I was just hearing all these empty love songs and I really wanted to mess with the title "I Don't Love You,"  but as I wrote more of it, it was cool for me to tap into, like, my issues with commitment and my view of myself and the concept of love. It was cool to get to dive in from there.

SH: How do you think being in such a creative field and having a kind of unstable lifestyle like that has impacted how you view romantic relationships?

AA: Well, I like to blame most of it on being an Aquarius, and I think I'm allowed to feel detached because I'm an Air sign or whatever. But, the thing with me is that I feel like I give so much always that, eventually I'll just… regret giving so much. And it's not healthy and in no way am I encouraging the behavior, but I was in a place where I was like okay, then I won't let myself get there because I don't want to feel the way I've felt before. It shapes my relationships because sometimes I question and I get super hyper-critical of it because I'm just waiting for something to be ruined, so I almost will let myself ruin it. That was another big influence to the song.

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SH: Is your music the first time you've really been able to tap into those romantic experiences in your creative projects? Or have you been able to use those before?

AA: Well every romantic encounter that's been something that I've worked on has been somebody else's. It's been like a teenage boy's first crush and they're kissing at the school dance or something like that, so I've gotten to do those kind of things. But yeah, this is my first time kind of diving in and sharing a more intimate side of myself. I'm super self-deprecating on Twitter, don't get me wrong, but I'm not necessarily like, "hey, I'm afraid of being alone, but I also want to be alone," you know? It's definitely been the first time that I've been vulnerable in a poetic sense with everybody, so that was a really big thing for me. You know, Instagram kind of paints this two-dimensional imagery for people and I wanted to give people a little more.

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SH: What can we expect from you in the future? 

AA: Well, I just wrapped a project in Utah that we shot over there for a few weeks so you guys can look out for that, I'm pretty sure that will be next year. And I'm releasing an EP before the end of the year, so everybody can look out for that. I'm really, really proud of the work, so I'm excited for everyone to hear that.

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