6 Ways to Have Fun at the Airport

The airport doesn't have to be a drag.

Sure, being stuck in one for an extended amount of time can feel like you're trapped with nothing fun to do, but as it turns out, there are plenty of entertaining activities you can take part in while you wait for your flight.

Scroll down to check 'em out.

Get Pampered

Most airports have small spas or businesses that offer manicures, facials and massages. If you have some time before your flight (and some cash to burn), go ahead and pamper yourself so you'll be extra relaxed for wherever you're going.

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Treat Yourself

Did you really even travel or go to the airport if you didn't take a stroll through Duty-Free? Not only does the tax-free shopping destination sell just about everything you could ever need before a getaway (we're talking makeup, skincare, perfume and more), but there's also a giant food and candy section with tasty eats from around the world. Wander the aisles and pick up a sweet treat for yourself before it's time to board. A large portion of a Duty-Free contains items you can't purchase in the states!


Take Some Snapshots

If you have some time to spare, grab your phone and explore the area near your gate and take some pictures. Plenty of airports have large, open windows which can make for some great photo ops. If you're lucky enough to be seated close to where some planes are landing or taking off, you could end up with some really amazing snapshots that represent the start of your trip. If not, artsy photos of the sky make for great Instagram posts, too!

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Whether you're a nervous flyer or not, meditating is a great way to kick off your trip, especially after the hassle that is airport security. These days, some of the major airports even have dedicated yoga or meditation rooms, which are the ideal locales to find some peace and quiet before you get on the plane. Even if there isn't a designated calm area, you can usually find a secluded spot near your gate to get in the relaxed zone.


Plan Ahead

Chances are you've already planned what you intend to do on the trip you're about to take, but why not read up on your destination a bit more. There are plenty of travel books you can consult, or, of course, Google. You can research everything from what to see to where to eat—and if you're lucky enough you might even come across some locals who can give you insider tips.

If your impending vacation is all set, aim high and start doing some research for your next getaway. Check out the departures board and get inspired!

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Never in your life will you have a chance to observe more different groups of people than you will at an airport. It's fascinating to see how different people dress, speak or wear their hair from one gate to the next (or even simply as you walk through stores or eateries). If you've always been curious about people from, let's say, Oregon, walk on over to a departing gate headed that way and have at it!


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