You'll NEVER Believe How Young This New Artist Is After Hearing Her Powerful Voice

Some people are just born to sing. 13-year-old Aja Neinstein is one of those people.

This new artist may be young, but she definitely does not lack talent. Today, Aja, who also goes by AJA9, released a new and upbeat song in collaboration with DJ Gazzo called "Heart Won't Beat."

Aja standing in Hollywood

(Photo Credit: Liz Baylog)

Take one listen and you'd never guess she's barely a teen. Her voice is rich, powerful and so good.

Scroll below to listen to her new song and discover what makes this new artist who she is.

Artist: Aja Neinstein, aka, AJA9

Age: 13

Single: "Heart Won't Beat"

What the song is about: "Most people will say 'Heart Won't Beat' is about a love relationship, but whenever I think of the song I think of my best friend and how much fun we have together and how she makes me feel. I just hope people feel happy and adventurous when they hear it."

Biggest influence: "I would say Ariana Grande. First, because of her tone; second, because she is loud and has amazing range and lastly because she is just so talented and pretty. It's insane."

Dream venue: "I want to sing 'Let It Be' by the Beatles on New Years Eve in New York at Times Square. I know that is really specific, but I just can't imagine anything cooler."

Aja standing in Hollywood

(Photo Credit: Liz Baylog)

Dream duet: "Ariana Grande. And, yes, I know I said that already, but she is amazing and I will answer her for every singer question if I could."

Fave songs at the moment: " 'Love on the Brain,' by Rihanna, 'Tattooed Heart,' by Ariana Grande, 'Halo,' by Beyoncé, 'Heart Won't Beat,' by me—shameless plug—and 'Super Bass,' by Nicki Minaj."

Dream accomplishment: "I want people to feel the emotion in what I am singing and connect it to themselves and to their hearts."

If you're a fan of Aja's incredible voice, be sure to check her out on Instagram @theaja9 and @aja9music!


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