AJR's "Infinity" Comes To Life In Illustrated Music Video!

AJR have released the official music video for their song "Infinity," featuring some absolutely incredible illustration and directed by Jason Merrin!

"Infinity" is soulful with a real emotional hook, and the music video is its perfect match. In the video, Jack opens a box of photos full of photographic memories with a very special girl.

Soon, their story comes to life in the form of incredible line drawings detailing a breakup and the heartbreak and confusion that follows. He stands upside-down among floating objects, and the young woman's tear turns into a raging sea that must navigate to survive.

Arguments and disagreements swirl around him before he breaks down, but when he peeks into her mind, he realizes she's also been trying to reach out to him. The two reunite for the chance to create so many amazing new moments together!

"Infinity" is the type of song that makes you really want to get up and move! The band's first full-length album, Living Room, releases on March 3, so stay tuned for it!

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