5 Secrets Spilled in Episode 1 Of AJR Revealed

In the first episode of AJR Revealed, the Sweety High crew travels to Austin, Texas to meet the band and spill their secrets. Which AJR moment did you love most?

1. Flashback to when the band got RTed by Sia (and then got the chance to brunch with her!) AJR gets a shoutout from Sia before getting the chance to brunch with her    

2. Soundcheck, including some ukulele tuning action.

ajr ukulele tuning soundcheck

3. The band explains how they write, produce, record and mix their music by themselves in their own living room. The band are releasing their aptly named EP, Living Room, March 3.

ajr does everything in their living room

4. The band performs their hit song "I'm Ready" live, with backing vocals by none other than everyone's favorite undersea sponge, SpongeBob SquarePants

ajr performs im ready

5. Lucky fans get the chance to meet AJR

lucky fans get the chance to meet ajr

Let us know which part of episode 1 you can't stop watching, and share your favorite AJR moments of all time with us at Sweety High.