8 Hilarious Moments From AJR's Segwaying Adventures Revealed

Episode 2 of AJR Revealed is titled "Santa Monica Segwayin'," and it's all about Adam, Jack and Ryan as they go on their first Segway ride with Sweety High's own Alex Schiffman. Watch the episode with us, and be sure to check out our very favorite moments below.


1. Adam's sandy crash landing

Adam Met's sandy Segway crash landing

2. Jack's anxiety after watching the slightly unsettling demo video

AJR's unsettling Segway demo

3. Alex: "What are you excited about?"

Ryan: "Falling in a very ugly way"

Ryan is excited to fall in a very ugly way

4. Jack and Ryan share a brotherly moment

Jack and Ryan Met of AJR share a brotherly moment holding hands on their Segways

5. Ryan's Segway rap:

"Riding on my Segway feelin' real good

In the parking lot in the middle of the hood"

AJR Revealed: Ryan's Segway rap verse 1

6. This thrilling AJR Segway race

AJR's Segway race. Who will come in first?

7. Jack loses the race and is tasked with verse 2 of the Segway rap

"Segway are cool, I just now learned

Ryan's really good, I also did learn"

AJR's Segway Rap: Jack's second verse

8. More sibling togetherness: "The perfect end to the perfect DAY"

AJR sibling togetherness: A perfect end to the perfect DAY

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