AJR Shares Their Top Fav Songs From Their Infinity EP

The third and final episode of Sweety High's AJR Revealed series takes us bowling with the boys, plus some lucky fans at the Hollywood Lucky Strike. Check out the episode to find out about their favorite songs on their Infinity EP and so much more.

ryan favorite infinity song alice by the hudson

Ryan: "I really like 'Alice By the Hudson.' It's very Beach Boys influenced. We're huge fans of the Beach Boys. But it also kind of puts it in a modern, gritty, electric setting."

jack favorite infinity song pitchfork kids

Jack: "We have a song called 'Pitchfork Kids' that I really like. It has this little opera riff in the beginning and then goes into kind of like a broke-down hip hop beat which is kind of weird."

Ryan: "Kind of Kanye West-y."

Jack: "A little bit. It's one of our weirder songs."

adam favorite infinity song

Adam: "I would say my favorite is probably 'Infinity.' Just keeping it clean."

Do you agree with Adam, Jack or Ryan? Let us know your favorite Infinity track in the comments below and join our community at Sweety High.