Alarm Clock Kitten – Video Pick Of the Day!

Alarm clock kitten won't let his friend sleep!

No matter what this living alarm clock kitten does, his friend seems to stay in a deep state of sleep… which doesn't bug us at all, because they are both so adorable!!!

What's going on here? Well, the sleeping cat's pendulum tail is usual cat behavior. Cats swing their tails for a few reasons. They can help cats gain balance before leaping, and swishing tails can trick prey into moving, since it's hard for cats to detect animals when they aren't moving.

A waving tail can also mean that a cat is happy. That seems to be the case looking at this guy's adorable catnap!

The other cat is demonstrating another instinct of cats. They're hunters, so they're born to play with anything small than moves! Whether it's a bird, a cat toy, or another cat's tail, the movement signals to the cat that's it's potential food. They simply can't help it!

Perhaps the cat isn't playing the role of alarm clock kitten at all, and doesn't care whether his friend wakes up. Maybe he's content to play with the sleeping cat. He sure moves enough!