11 Albums That Helped Me Survive 2017

2017 was—to put it very lightly—a year.

I can't say the same for everyone else, but 2017 was by far one of my worst years for a multitude of reasons that I don't need to get into.

Luckily not all was lost, thanks to the power of music.

This year was the year for great music. Every artist I listened to released an album worthy of an endless amount of praise.

As 2017 (thankfully) comes to a close, now is the perfect time to share the albums that helped me survive the year and will (hopefully) keep me going strong well into 2018. Keep scrolling to discover which records they are!

Lovely, Little, Lonely by The Maine

I love The Maine with every ounce of my being. I've listened to this band for years and they just keep getting better and better. While Lovely, Little, Lonely is the band's sixth studio album, I expected a lot from these guys. And boy, did they deliver. It's by far the best album they released. The perfect mix of fun, upbeat jams and inspiring, anthemic tunes, this record has it all. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best album I've heard this year.

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After Laughter by Paramore

It's been a long time since I've listened to a Paramore record all the way through. After Laughter reignited my relationship with the group. Though the record was a completely different sound, it basically summed up everything I experienced in 2017.

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Sacred Hearts Club by Foster the People

Foster the People is another band that only gets better as the years go by. Their third studio album Sacred Hearts Club is a masterpiece. The record seamlessly transitions from one song to the next, and listening to it instantly boosts my mood.


Skin & Earth by Lights

Lights did something no other artist has dared to do this year. Not only did the singer release her album Skin & Earth, she also dropped a comic book series—both drawn and written by her—that worked in conjunction with the record. Her storytelling capabilities shine through on this magnificent pop album, showing how truly talented she is. We're not worthy.

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Dua Lipa by Dua Lipa

2017 was Dua Lipa's year. Don't @ me. The songstress took over the charts with her empowering anthem "New Rules," but her self-titled album is chock-full of even more exciting tunes. It's a fun record worth listening to when you need an increase in self-confidence.


All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell by PVRIS

The sophomore slump definitely didn't hit PVRIS (pronounced "Paris") with the release of their second album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell. The hard-hitting and fast-paced record perfectly captures every emotion I've dealt with after experiencing a gut-wrenching breakup. They did not hold back with this powerful release.


Flicker by Niall Horan

Oh, Niall Horan. He's always been my fave member of One Direction since the very beginning. His solo album is by far the best out of all the others. He put his heart and soul into making the record and it shows. I often find myself listening to it when I need to get in a good cry sesh.

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Vacation by Seaway

Seaway is one of those fun pop punk bands you can't help but love the moment you listen to one of their songs. Everyone will relate to at least one of their tracks, especially on their sophomore album Vacation. I always have a grand ol' time rocking out to this album.

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The Peace and the Panic by Neck Deep

Neck Deep's The Peace and the Panic is an album that I'm a fan of for more than just the stellar songs. The meaning behind the album is, where there is peace, there will also be panic, and vice versa. Needless to say, I experienced plenty of "panic" this year, but this album reminded me to look on the brighter side even when life knocks you down.


Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey can do no wrong. No wrong, you hear me? She's completely and utterly perfect, and I don't care if anyone disagrees. Lust for Life was a stark departure from Lana's moodier aesthetic, but it was a refreshing change. She's embraced this power she was given, and inspired me to do the same in the process.

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Shapeshifter by Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck proves time and time again that they're a band to watch out for. They always step it up with the new music they release, and their new record Shapeshifter is no exception. The overall theme of the album is embracing change, which is something I've had to do a lot of this year. Having this album by my side made that experience so much easier.

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