15 Reasons We Love Alex Angelo On His 15th Birthday!

Today calls for a celebration of epic proportions, because our fave DJ Alex Angelo is turning 15!? We love, love, LOVE Alex and we aren't afraid to brag that he's part of our Sweety High squad. In case you didn't already have enough reasons to worship Alex, here are 15 more reasons we can't get enough of him. Happy birthday, dude!

1. His music never fails to get us dancing!

2. And he was even sweet enough to teach our host Alex Schiffman some of his signature moves when he stopped by for a visit.


A behind the scenes shot of Alex Angelo with Sweety High host Alex Schiffman on the set of Alex Angelo's "Turn Me Up" music video.

3. Basically we have the best time hanging out with him! The only thing better than one Alex is two of them.

4. Can we take a minute to appreciate his hair though?

5. He's got that all black look on lock.

6. In fact, Alex's style is always on point. Every guy needs to take a few lessons on how to dress from him.


7. He completely gets us when it comes to being attached to our iPhones.

8. Alex is super close with his younger sister Izzy. They're def #SiblingGoals9. He's friends with our faves Sammi Sanchez, Megan Nicole, Jake Miller and Austin Mahone. He may have the raddest squad on the block. Sorry, Taylor Swift!

10. He preaches straight up words of wisdom.

11. Alex always plays our fave jams when he DJs on Radio Disney.


12. He kills it every time he performs and always pumps up the crowd!


13. He's got mad love for the city he's from and isn't afraid to rep Cleveland all day every day.

14. Alex works INCREDIBLY hard to make his dreams come true. We definitely respect that.

15. He loves his Fangelos to death! He's always there for you guys.


If you're a total Fangelo, it is critical that you know these 14 things about Alex Angelo!