Alex Pettyfer Tells The Beastly Truth

After the July release date was pushed back, fans of Beastly, the modern day "Beauty and The Beast" story starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer, have been impatiently awaiting more sneak peeks at the film. The movies not-so-beast-like beast, spoke out about his role in the film, and how it feels to never play a 'normal guy'.

"There's always something off about playing different people but at the end of the day I'm twenty years of age and would normally be in school… why not play an alien or beast or just have fun instead of just doing these boring scripts where we're all in high school and there's jocks. I love the movies I make and I'm very, very thankful and lucky for the position I'm in to be able play the parts I've been given. To experience what I've experienced with 'Beastly' –becoming someone else and shaving my head, it's a very tramatic experience for anyone to shave their head — and to kind of deform yourself was weird."

Watch the most recent trailer for the flick, and see Alex transform from popular pretty boy into beast: