Alex Squared: Meet the SweetBeatTV Hosts!

You're probably already pretty familiar with SweetBeatTV host Alex Powers, but it's time to get to know "Alex Squared!" Meet our brand new co-host, Alex Schiffman, before the premiere of her first episode of SweetBeatTV on the set of The Voice!!

Introducing Alex Squared

"I've always had a strong passion for empowering girls to follow their dreams," Alex says. "At a time when there are so many negative female role models in the world, Sweety High is a platform that allows me to follow my personal dreams of being a host, while continuing to act as a positive role model for young females looking to accomplish their own dreams."

Alex's dream interviewee is Barbara Walters. She would ask Walters all about her secret to longevity in the field of broadcast journalism!

Alex's secret recipe for the perfect shoot includes "Research, research, research, a good night of sleep, and a little sugar-free red bull."

What advice does she have for aspiring hosts and producers?

"Confidence is the key!" she says. "Do not wait for the world to recognize your talent. Be yourself, stay smiling, and let the world catch up to you!"

Check out these other fun tidbits about Alex Schiffman:

•     "I can't fully straighten my right arm due to a cheerleading accident in high school."
•    "I was a competitive golfer for the Southern California Golf Association as a child."
•    "I am both a soup-a-holic and a sushi-a-holic."
•    "I was a back up dancer for The Black Eyed Peas at the Kids Choice Awards 2011."
•    "I am always the first and last person on the dance floor at any party."

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