If you only know 21-year-old Alex Warren as a TikTok creator and content creation pioneer, it’s about time you dove into his music, because he doesn’t just have an incredible voice, but also an important message to spread.

His latest single, the autobiographical “Headlights,” follows the recently released first episode of I Hope You’re Proud, a raw and vulnerable new YouTube docuseries about Alex’s life. The two go hand in hand, both telling Alex’s true story, with “Headlights” touching on his struggles with anxiety, and the ongoing feeling that your entire life is out of your control, and you’re simply sitting in the backseat and witnessing it unfold. We had the chance to chat with Alex about the new song, and how he hopes others who feel the same will find strength in it as well.

The Story Behind ‘Headlights’

Alex Warren: My inspiration for this song came from a difficult period in my life when I was 17, and I felt like there was nothing I could do to get myself out of the hole I was in. “Headlights” is a reflection on that sensation and how, despite the differences in my current situation, I still feel that way.


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What ‘Headlights’ Means

AW: “Headlights” is one of my most personal songs. It’s the first song I’ve written that is about how I feel now rather than how I felt in the past. I suffer from severe anxiety and overthink every element of my profession and life. I believe that being able to put down precisely how I feel has been the most powerful therapy I’ve ever experienced, and I believe that many others will relate to this record, especially given the state of the world right now.

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Alex’s Favorite Lyric

AW: “I’m in the back seat of my own life,” is the most meaningful lyric in “Headlights,” and also my favorite. It can be really difficult to describe what anxiety feels like to someone who hasn’t experienced it themself. This metaphor felt like the perfect way to both explain anxiety to those who don’t experience it and let people who do struggle with it know that they are not alone.

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