Alexandra Marks Jewelry Is Your One Stop Shop for Fine AND High-End Fashion Jewelry

We could talk about jewelry for hours—seriously, we could go on and on.

And with so many incredible brands out there, how do you know which ones are worth investing in? Is it better to go for trendy pieces or fine jewelry that's more expensive? This is up to each individual person, but we love when one company provides both options. Meet Alexandra Marks Jewelry! They have stunning jewelry, ranging from bracelets to earrings to necklaces to rings and more. And even better? They make the perfect gifts, whether it's for a birthday, graduation, Mother's Day or something else!

We fell in love with the brand and had the opportunity to speak with Alexandra Marks herself. Below, you'll find our full interview with the entrepreneur and learn all about her story of success.

Sweety High: Have you always been passionate about jewelry?

Alexandra Marks: Yes, 100% yes! I grew up in a jewelry family so it's an industry I've been immersed in since the day I was born. Some of my earliest memories include joining my dad on visits to our family's jewelry stores and listening to him on business calls. I'm really proud to be a fourth-generation jeweler—my family's involvement in the industry dates all the way back to 1895.


SH: What inspired you to create Alexandra Marks Jewelry, and how did the opportunity come about?

AM: Prior to AMJ, I worked for my father's company, Ultra Diamonds. I was the buyer for fashion and trend items for over 150 stores all over the United States. I really started noticing a change in the way people were dressing and living their lives, especially younger generations. People seemed to be opting for trend-focused pieces ("what's hot right now") as opposed to investing in diamond pieces. When my father sold his business to Sterling (a huge multi-national jewelry company that owns Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared and more) I knew I wanted to continue working in the jewelry industry and continue my family's legacy. My dad had noticed the shift as well and we combined our expertise to create Alexandra Marks Jewelry.

There are few fashion jewelry brands out there that use super high quality, ethically sourced materials to create the look and feel of fine jewelry. I saw a void in the market and wanted to fill it.


SH: What has it been like running a business during COVID?

AM: It has truly been an adjustment. From setting up new protocols for the store, ensuring that my staff is safe and that they stay healthy while adapting to a changing retail environment. Having an online presence and being able to ship to customers nationwide has been a very important factor in helping AMJ successfully navigate the pandemic. We are constantly getting new pieces in and update our Instagram and website regularly so customers all over the country can get their AMJ fix from the comfort of their homes.


SH: What were the most important factors when it came to developing AMJ?

AM: The most important factor was about giving the customer the look and feel of diamonds at a fraction of the price. To me, it was important that everything be manufactured in sterling silver, which is a precious metal, and include Cubic Zirconia stones that are created to mimic a flawless diamond. I also wanted every piece to be manufactured in the same way that you would manufacture a diamond item. We wanted to make sure that our customers were getting the high-end look and attention to detail. We did introduce a 14k gold and diamond collection that is all dainty and delicate, fashionable yet classic.

The store was equally as important as I wanted to create a space that gave you the feel of a high-end jewelry store without the pretension. I wanted everyone to have a luxury experience whether they were spending $28 or $2,800. It was all about creating an amazing community where everyone felt good about themselves. My favorite thing about jewelry is that it looks beautiful on everyone, no matter your gender, skin color or age.


SH: Do you have a favorite piece or pieces?

AM: This question is so hard! Do I have one favorite, no, but I do have items that I find myself wearing more than others. I love the intention behind our Evil Eye collection. I mean, who doesn't need a good luck charm?


SH: What pieces should every girl have in their jewelry collection?

AM: Everyone needs a great pair of huggie earrings.


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