We Interviewed Artist Alexandra Nechita, the Genius Behind Love Anatomy

I graduated high school eight years ago, but when I was walking those hallways, I walked past the Alexandra Nechita Center all the time.

In fact, I went inside the auditorium almost every day for dance practice. I was constantly in there dancing my heart away or performing in live shows for our entire school and community. So, when I got an email about interviewing Alexandra Nechita, I almost jumped out of my seat! She, too, went to my high school, and made quite the name for herself in the following years. I mean duh—she has an auditorium in her name! Now a world-renowned artist, Alexandra has found success in her art.

Keep reading for my full interview with Alexandra Nechita and find out all about her newest piece of work, Love Anatomy.

Sweety High: What do you want people to think about or discuss when they look at Love Anatomy?

Alexandra Nechita: My wish is that in engaging with Love Anatomy, people will viscerally feel the power of connection, of love. I hope that in looking at her, they see themselves, their mothers and daughters, sisters and friends, that they see all females, enveloped in the power that we are!

The reason I make something versus the emotions or dialogue that it incites in the viewer can often be like entering two separate paradigms. Conceptually speaking there is usually a desired outcome I hope for as a result of a viewer's interaction, but the reality and in fact the beauty of that exchange is that it can be profoundly different for everyone.


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SH: What does Love Anatomy mean to you?

AN: Love Anatomy for me represents this eternal question and quest for the answers—what is the internal and external makeup of love? What are the inner workings of love? Furthermore, what and how do women contribute to the anatomy of love, and why is the expectation of love to and from a woman different than her counterpart? When I originally made the sculpture years ago, what I imagined as the end-all definition of love, has evolved into my relationship with it now. Adolescence, marriage and motherhood have all acted as catalysts in my greater, ever-changing understanding of love.

There is no formula to what love is and how it will unfold for each of us. We build and break our expectations and only with time do we embrace the discrepancies we once ran from.

I made this sculpture in pursuit of understanding the structure and internal workings of love. My idea of love from the time of inception of this piece to now has evolved beyond measure. It has been reshaped by my own growth and personal relationships with others and myself.


SH: How long did it take you to create the concept and sculpture itself?

AN: It's so hard for me to pinpoint the exact amount of time it took me to bring this piece to life. I can attest to years of conceptualizing. When producing such a large scale sculpture, I work on a small four-foot or so version in clay and then depend greatly on a team to help manifest its, in this case, nine-foot sister.


SH: What's your artistic process?

AN: This is as unpredictable as I am! Of course, I'm trained to be able to finish a piece in a sitting so to speak. However, it's not my preferred way of making stuff. I like painting and working at my own pace. My internal discipline is so strong from over 25 years of work, that I don't struggle actually putting in the work. I love to work at night when the world around me has visibly slowed down. In fact, I wish there was a reasonable way to be in my studio 10 p.m. t0 5 a.m. and still function in a healthy way the next day—haha!

But for now, I've created somewhat of a rhythm where I come in—I light my incense and begin scheming! Some days are super productive, others are simply staring competitions with my canvases.


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SH: What advice would you give to young girls experimenting with art?

AN: Just get in the zone and make [stuff!] Recognize that art-making is no different from a discipline than working out. You have to put in the work. You have to exercise your creative muscles the same way you would your body.


SH: Anything else you'd like us to know?

AN: You vibrate outward what you invest inward. Know your worth. There is not a single soul on this planet that is you!


(via Eitan Miskevich)


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