Alexis Ren Teams Up With Sonya Dakar x Warrior

Alexis Ren, girl of our dreams, always has something up her sleeve.

Whether she's discussing her wellness community (We Are Warriors), dancing, playing the guitar, modeling, looking back at her time on Dancing With the Stars or something else, Alexis never seems to slow down. And today, June 2, is no different, as her collaboration with Sonya Dakar finally goes live! Alexis has always been a skincare fanatic, and we wanted to know how she achieves her seemingly perfect, glowing and goddess-like skin.

She sat down with us and told us all about the capsules, her skincare favorites and more. Keep scrolling for our full interview with Alexis Ren.

Sweety High: How did you and Sonya first connect for this collaboration? Tell us what went down!

Alexis Ren: I've known Sonya for about two years and consider her my "skin guru," so when I was asked to do a collaboration it felt natural to me. Now that I've created We Are Warriors, my personal wellness and education community, a collaboration with Sonya became an even larger opportunity to give back to my Warriors community by providing a kit that has everything you need to start your skincare journey.


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SH: We heard you've been a fan of Sonya Dakar products for quite some time. What's your ride-or-die product that you can't live without?

AR: At this point, all of her products are my ride-or-die, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Oil ($54).


SH: Tell us about the limited-edition capsules you created. What are the products?

AR: There are two different capsules you can choose from—the Clarifying Kit and the Sensitive Kit, each made with different skin types in mind.


Clarifying Kit ($98)

Silver Clarifying Wash—Mini ($16), Green Energy Toner—Mini ($46), Organic Omega Oil for Acne Prone Skin—Full Size ($54), Blemish Buster—Full Size ($29), Volcano Mask—Mini ($26), Neon Ballistic Nylon SD Bag and 2 Sample Packets


(via Sonya Dakar)


Sensitive Kit ($98)

Sensi Wash—Mini ($16), Blue Butterfly Calming Toner—Mini ($46), Organic Omega Oil for Sensitive Skin—Full Size ($54), Blemish Buster—Full Size ($29), Rose Gold Radiance Mask—Mini ($28), Neon Ballistic Nylon SD Bag and 2 Sample Packets


(via Sonya Dakar)


SH: If you had to choose one, would you rather use the clarifying or sensitive kit?

AR: My skin is more on the sensitive side, so the Sensitive Kit is the best fit for me personally.


SH: What does your typical AM and PM skincare routine look like?

AR: I try to keep it simple! Honestly, the majority of the products I use are from Sonya Dakar. In the morning, I start with face wash and toner, and finish with a light moisturizer, Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Oil ($54), eye cream and sometimes I use a light tanning product since I never tan my face in the sun.

My nighttime routine sometimes includes a face and eye mask, depending on the day. Sonya has taught me the importance of only doing masks at night, as that is the time when your skin can finally "relax." I love her Rose Gold Mask ($28) or Nano Mask ($28).


SH: Do you have any advice for girls when it comes to skincare and beauty?

AR: When it comes to skincare and beauty, I believe that the process needs to be enjoyable. So often, the things that are good for us are done while rolling our eyes. My advice for girls is to really enjoy your beauty routine, enjoy your workouts and enjoy eating pure and healthy food. When we turn our perception from "this is something I have to do" into "this is something I want to do," you would be surprised how much your body listens.


(via Sonya Dakar)


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