Everything You Should Know About YouTuber and Actress Alexis G. Zall

If you're a big fan of Alexis G. Zall and her YouTube channel, then you'll adore her new series, Zac & Mia on Verizon's go90.

The show centers on two very different teenagers who are brought together by traumatic circumstances. We love that it rewrites the traditional teen rom-com and can't wait to see Alexis in such a unique role. Find out even more about the incredible comedian and actress below.Alexis G. Zall

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Full Name: Alexis Genevieve Zall

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Birthday: June 6

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. She's inspired by anyone who is passionate and driven in life.

2. Her fave movie villain happens to be the teacher in Coin Heist, a film she loved working on.

3. She is one of the few people who loves snacking on vegetables. "I cannot express my love for them enough," she gushes.

4. The most bizarre rumor she has ever heard about herself was that her good friend Shane Dawson was her cousin. Obviously, it's not true, but we still love that they're so close.

kind of speaks for itself

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5. She has more than a few fictional character crushes. "I'm in love with Nancy from Stranger Things, Dolores from Westworld and Yorkie from [the] San Junipero [episode of Black Mirror]."

6. If she has any advice for people on how to get started writing, acting or making YouTube videos, it's "just to make literally anything and learn from doing [it]."

7. She's having a blast working on Zac & Mia but feels very different from her character, Bec. "She has a really dark sense of style and is quite the firecracker," she shares. "I find myself to be a generally level-headed and pragmatic person, so I had a blast stepping out of that and doing a whole lot of yelling."


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