Alicia Mccarvell Talks The BodCon and Her Tips for 'Living a Fat Happy Life'

Canadian content creator Alicia Mccarvell is truly breaking down barriers and battling misconceptions and stigma around fat bodies, one video at a time.

Alicia is probably best known for her TikTok channel (where she has 5.8 million followers) thanks to her empowering and informative videos about body image, self-worth and loving yourself, complete with a healthy dose of humor. She also frequently shares workout and dance videos, showing the world that fat people can also be active, capable people, and educating her followers on the realities and prejudices they deal with every day.

On March. 5, Alicia will be hosting The BodCon 2023, a virtual conference on body confidence and self-acceptance. The seven-hour conference will begin at 11 a.m. ET, with panelists including Stella Naomi Williams, Dani DMC, Virgie Tovar, Derek Frazier and so many more. Ahead of her big hosting gig, we got the chance to chat with Alicia all about her mission of spreading positivity around body image and self-worth, and she shared it all with us in the interview below.

Sweety High: What inspired you to start making your content around body image, worth and self-love? Why do you think it's so important to approach these important topics with humor?

Alicia Mccarvell: I started sharing initially because I wanted to be transparent about what I was going through and what I have experienced. When our first video went viral, it was obvious that the world was seeing me and my husband's bodies first, and I knew that was a conversation that needed to be had. As for humor, if we're not laughing through the hard stuff, we're crying—and I personally prefer to laugh. I think humor is a really important tool when educating, learning and unlearning is hard—being able to find moments to remind people that we are all human is so important.

Alicia McCarvell The BodCon interview

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SH: There's a huge misconception that you can't be plus size and active. Why is that idea so wrong, and is that a myth you hope to dispel with your videos?

AM: The stigma around fat people moving their bodies is what actually keeps many fat people from ever moving their bodies. The misconception that movement is solely for weight loss is also what hinders the majority of humans big and small from actually seeking movement they love and enjoy. I hope I dispel the myth that big bodies aren't capable—they are in fact capable of so much more than we give them credit for.

@aliciamccarvellMost important rule, everyone sweats, just make sure you're wiping down your machines like the goddesses you are ||••♬ Cuff It (Instrumental) – KPH

SH: What's the biggest thing you've learned in becoming a viral creator on TikTok?

AM: That you're not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay. I am a huge people pleaser, so coming face to face with the fact that no matter what I do, no matter how good I am or how funny I am, someone out there isn't going to like me, was hard at first.


SH: What advice do you have for others to accept and be empowered by their bodies, no matter what size and shape?

AM: I think in order to understand the power your body has, you have to first understand how incredible you are. When you realize the value you add to this world, and then you understand that you couldn't be, or do any of those things without your body, it makes it hard to not respect it. Start by writing down the things you love about who you are that have nothing to do with your body, and eventually, you will realize that your capsule is what houses all of those things, and without it, you have nothing.


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SH: Why do you think some people get so upset that you are plus size and your husband isn't? What have you learned in the process of dealing with that strange animosity? In what ways do you think your relationship could set an example for people who hold these views?

AM: We've been taught from a young age to rank people based on where they fall on society's scale of beauty. I also think that we've been conditioned and taught to believe that the best things in life, like love and joy only happen to those who fit within the walls of society's beauty standards. So when people who have worked their whole lives to be thin, and have prescribed to these standards, see me living a fat happy life, with my fit husband, it is confusing to them.

I hope that our relationship shows people that regardless of your body size, you are worthy of love. I hope our relationship sheds light on the idea that our compatibility with others shouldn't rely on our bodies. Most importantly, I hope I empower people who are in bigger bodies to stop holding back and to allow themselves to be seen through the lens in which their partner sees them.


SH: How excited are you to be hosting BodCon 2023? What perspective do you hope to bring to the table?

AM: I am so excited, and terrified; hosting is a big responsibility! I honestly hope I get to be the comedic relief during a day that is filled with learning and unlearning that can be heavy for some! I'm just happy to be here!

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